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Judy  Carter

Judy Carter

Best Selling Author & Comedian


Interviewed by Oprah Winfrey after writing her first book, Judy Carter went from playing Vegas as a headlining standup comic to become an in-demand corporate speaker. Speaking on "The Power of Purpose" to overcome stress and navigate change, she was featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CNN, as well as being a frequent contributor to NPR’s “All Things Considered.” Read More >

As a keynote speaker, Judy has spoken at over 1,000 events including speaking in front of an audience of 8500 with Bill Clinton at “The Power Within Conference” in Toronto, Canada. Judy doesn’t like to brag, but she did write the Bible. No joke, she’s the author of The Comedy Bible (Simon & Schuster) as well as The Message of You (St. Martin’s Press). Read Less ^

Speaker Videos

TEDx: You can't spell message without a m-e-s-s

Stress is a Laughing Matter

How to Turn Problems into Punchlines

Speech Topics

Find Purpose in a Stressed-out World with Judy Carter

There is someone more powerful to get you going than a double latte. It’s your purpose in life. Knowing your life’s purpose, is perhaps the BOOST your life and career needs right now.< Read More >

By discovering your essential life message and implementing it in your work and personal life, you become a part of something bigger than yourself. Read Less ^

  • Reconnect with your purpose and meaning
  • Become a high voltage influencer by LIVING ON PURPOSE
  • Get recognized as someone who MAKES A DIFFERENCE
  • Reacquaint yourself with your work as A CALLING and NOT JUST A JOB … 
  • …and LAUGH so much you leave saying, “I haven’t had such a good time at work in ages!”

Superpower: Discover The Strength in Resiliency

How do you stay resilient, upbeat for your job and family when you’re hit with constant waves of bad news, worries, and depression? Read More >

Judy Carter opens your eyes to the fact that the hero you’re waiting for has arrived -- and it’s you! In this upbeat, interactive keynote, Judy takes you on a journey to find your hero stories. In finding those stories of resilience, you just might discover that you have superpowers. Read Less ^

  • Discover and share your own hero story.
  • Unearth extraordinary strength when you need it most.
  • Turn problems into punch lines.
  • Find extraordinary stories in an ordinary day.
  • Learn the power of empathy.
  • Cut-off yourinner heckler

The Message of You™: The Powerful Impact of Sharing Your Story

Stop boring people when you speak! Read More >

Do what Hollywood does -- use stories to inspire others.

Have you ever been to a meeting where you watched a PowerPoint presentation with charts and graphs, and it made you want to poke your eyes out with a pencil?

Stories, not data, are what inspire people. Stories create customer loyalty, build social media platforms, increase sales, and influence people when you speak. Why? Because stories create an emotional bond between your business and your customers.

In this presentation, Judy Carter will show you three essential stories that all business leaders need to have turning them into a high-wattage influencer. Read Less ^

  • Get over the fear of public speaking
  • Learn how to deal with difficult people
  • Hone your speaking skills to become more influential
  • Use stories to connect and inspire
  • Engage audiences within 17 seconds
  • Comedy techniques to increase likeability
  • Become a high wattage leader by speaking The Message of You