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Keren  Elazari

Keren Elazari

Cyber Security Analyst, Author & Researcher

Keren Elazari

Cyber Security Analyst, Author & Researcher


Keren Elazari is internationally recognized security analyst, author and researcher, with years of experience in the international cyber security industry. Since 2000, Keren has worked with leading Israeli security firms, government organizations, Big 4 firms, advised Fortune 500 and groundbreaking startup companies, helping global organizations navigate complex cyber security issues.

Elazari’s independent research work and writing about emerging security issues has been featured by Scientific AmericanWIRED, and she is a frequent speaker and commentator in international events and in the media. Ms. Elazari holds a CISSP certification, an MA in Security Studies from the prestigious Security & Technology workshop at Tel Aviv University – where she is a senior researcher with the Balvatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center, focusing on the complex relationships between hackers, industry and government. Elazari is also a Security Fellow and faculty member with Singularity University, a private future-forward think tank.

In 2014, Keren became the first Israeli woman to speak at the annual TED conference. Keren’s TED talk has been viewed by millions online, translated to 30 languages and selected for TED’s list of 'Most Powerful Ideas’ and Inc.com’s list of ‘Top TED Talks of 2014’. Today, Keren's TED talk is still one of TED’s most watched talks on the topic of security and hacking. Keren is also the founder of Israel’s largest security community event, BSidesTLV, part of the global SecurityBSides movement, and the Leading Cyber Ladies, global professional network for Women in Cyber Security.

Her collaborative book with 8 leading women, Women in Tech, was published by Penguin USA in March 2016 and became an Amazon bestseller. In July 2017, Keren was selected by Forbes as one of Israel’s “most influential women” and featured on the cover of Forbes Israel.

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Speech Topics

Cyber Security in The Age of COVID-19

Cyber criminals have adapted to the new reality – what about you? The Covid-19 crisis has changed the way we do business, and criminals have quickly adapted to the new reality. Home has become the new office, and organizations that once feared the cloud have now rushed on, in order to maintain business as usual in these unprecedented times. Keren Elazari, TED speaker, security analyst and friendly hacker walks you through the new realities of cyber security challenges, and shared trends, predictions and strategies to build resilience. Learn how future-forward organizations are changing their security strategy to stay ahead of the challenge. This talk will be a fast journey into the new realities of cyber security threats, cyber hygiene and staying safe at home, at work, and with our families. From Zoom Bombing to Account takeovers, through Ransomware and Phishing, We’ll shed light on emerging security threats, attacker’s techniques, and practical ideas on how to build a safe future for any type of organization.

The Future of Cyber Security from a Friendly Hacker’s Perspective

Cybersecurity is no longer about protecting secrets. It's about our way of life that relies on digital technology, everywhere -- from clouds to smartphones, from sensors to webcams, to stock markets and so much more. Complicating matters more, today’s cyber criminals are innovating just as fast as the digitally innovative organizations they attack. In this environment, are you and your organization thinking about what's next? This talk we’ll inspire executives and techies to act on what matters most. We’ll shed light on emerging security threats, new attack vectors and techniques; discover what we can learn from friendly hackers and how to work with them – and talk about practical ideas on how executives can make a difference in their organizations. We’ll discuss the future workforce and business challenges in this space and how to foster more diversity in cybersecurity. Finally, we’ll look at the future of cybersecurity and learn why resilience will be defined not just by our efforts to balance technology’s benefits against the risks it brings with it, but by how we evolve our paradigms about security, privacy and digital access.

Tap Into The Hacker Mindset: Innovation Lessons We Can Learn from Hackers

In the information age, data is the new currency and access to it is power. With battle cries such as “Information wants to be free”, “Hack the planet” and “we are legion” – in recent years, Hackers have risen to infamy. But can we learn anything about innovation from them? The surprising fact is that hacking can, and often does, improve products. It exposes vulnerabilities, supplies innovations, and demonstrates what is possible and how consumers actually want to use technology. In this talk we will see how companies that once fought hackers, can now invite them to innovate – and why more and more companies are learning to embrace the creative aspects of hacker culture.