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Kim  Becking

Kim Becking

Change and Leadership Expert & Best-Selling Author


Kim Becking is an engaging, high-energy, fun and impactful motivational keynote speaker, change and leadership expert and award-winning author who helps others conquer change, boost resilience, accelerate success and achieve more in their business, life and relationships no matter what life throws at them. Read More >

Kim knows a thing or two about change and challenges through her own experiences in business and life.  As an attorney, serial entrepreneur running two successful businesses for over two decadescommunications strategist and “recovering” political consultant, Kim has conquered the ever-changing tough worlds of business, government, and politics.  She’s also conquered breast cancer.

Kim has boosted communication, consensus building, advocacy and legislative capabilities for Fortune 500 companies, associations, state and local governments and non-profit organizations, helping them accelerate their success.  She’s proud of her work coaching CEO’s, top level leadership and elected officials on how to lead with more impact and influence.   Kim provides practical tools and strategies to effectively manage change and deal with difficult people, tough conversations, and hard issues.

Using humor and vulnerability, Kim has the ability to connect with her audiences at a deeper level.  Her authentic, engaging, humorous and empowering messages of extraordinary resilience, conquering change and creating success regardless of your circumstances have made her a favorite among her audiences.

Kim doesn’t want you to just bounce back after change and adversity – she wants you to develop a “Momentum Mindset” where you push past limited thinking, get unstuck, and use the change and adversity in life as the fuel needed to propel you forward – faster, further, stronger and better than ever before.

Kim has been featured in national media such as People, SELF, The New York Times, USA Today, Good Morning America and Lifetime Television for her expertise on resilience and thriving in the midst of change.

Kim graduated with honors from Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing and received her Juris Doctorate with honors from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law.

She is a member of the National Speakers Association, the International Association of Business Communicators, the Association of Talent Development and holds a Certificate of Public Participation from the International Association of Public Participation. She is also on the board and serving as President of the Greater Missouri Leadership Challenge.

A best-selling, award-winning author, Kim recently launched her Momentum series of business success tip books with more than four books in development for 2018, focusing on change, resilience, leadership and communications.

Kim resides in Columbia, Missouri with her blended family of five and travels throughout the United States and internationally for conferences, conventions and events. Read Less ^

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How to Be More Resilient, Adaptable, and Ready for What’s Next in 2022

Helping Leaders and Teams Boost Resilience During Uncertainty

Are Your Leaders Running on Empty?

Speech Topics

How to Be More Resilient, Adaptable & Ready for What's Next in 2022

I want you to accept what is, and then I want you to focus on what's now and what is next. Because change will continue to happen - and now at a more accelerated pace than ever before. Read More >

I hear a lot of people talking about getting back to normal. Here's the thing. There is no normal or new normal. There is only what is NOW and what is NEXT. Things will look different. The world has changed. You are not the same person you were 21 months ago and I want you to be okay with that. I want you to collectively support each other as you close out 2021 and start looking at what's possible for 2022. To take all of the lessons from the last 21 months and keep moving forward. That's what building a Momentum Mindset means. And I'm here to help you and your teams and your leaders do exactly that. You've got this! Read Less ^

Helping Leaders & Teams Boost Resilience, Rock Change & Build Momentum During Uncertainty

Are you, your leaders or your teams feeling like this? Exhausted, tired, overwhelmed. And excited, hopeful and ready. All at the same time. It's been a long, long 20 months, more like decades, and I want to help you and your teams continue to build a Momentum Mindset - to bounce forward stronger and better than before. Read More >

Let's talk about how I can customize a program specifically for you, your teams and your leaders so that you can continue to be more adaptable, boost resilience, reduce stress, create connection and and build that momentum beyond the pandemic so that you can continue to adapt to all of the ongoing change as we continue to move forward.

Please reach out if I can help you, your teams or organizations as we close out the year or as you plan for 2022. I would love to help you build that Momentum Mindset and be refreshed, refocused and renewed as you gear up for 2022 and beyond! Who's ready to rock change, be more adaptable and boost your resilience? Let's do this! Read Less ^

Are Your Leaders Running on Empty? Ready to Renew, Recharge, Refocus & Build Momentum?

Resilience is more important now than ever because your people are running on empty. Over the last 21 months, so many people have dug deep and found resilience muscles that they didn't even know they had. And now, they are running on empty with nothing left to give. I'm hearing how leaders and teams are overwhelmed, stressed out and exhausted. Do you need to help yourself, your people, teams and organizations continue to renew, recharge, refocus and boost resilience no matter what? I want to help you do that. So bring me in, let's have a conversation. Let's talk about how we can continue to build momentum for you, your leaders, your teams, and your organization as you close out 2021 and look at building Momentum for 2022 and beyond.

Master Your Disasters: How to Overcome Adversity & Boost Resilience

Challenges, unexpected changes and uncertainty are guarantees in life. Doing more with less. An unpredictable economy. Sluggish sales.  Health challenges. Relationship struggles. Dealing with tough issues at home and at work. We live in an ever-changing, dynamic and stressful world – one where adversity will always live and life will inevitably knock you down.   Read More >

The ability to find the lesson, grit up, get back up and create momentum to keep moving forward during the tough times is what will separate you from those who get stuck.  In this inspiring, interactive and impactful session, Kim shares her own stories of resilience in life and business with healthy doses of vulnerability, humor and motivation.  You will learn how Resilience Boosters can help you create a “Momentum Mindset” where you push past limited thinking and use the adversity in your life as the fuel needed to propel you forward – faster, further and stronger than ever before. 

Leave this program equipped with the tools you need to create everyday resilience, master your disasters and conquer change.

Program Outcomes: 

You will leave learning how to:

  • Enhance your ability to adapt to change, deal with the unexpected and develop greater flexibility when adversity hits
  • Handle stress and perform better under pressure
  • Inspire and build resilient teams and organizations to amplify productivity, enhance performance, accelerate results and boost the bottom line

(NOTE:  This program can be tailored to focus on personal resilience, team resilience, organizational resilience and/or developing resilient leaders.) Read Less ^

Communicating Courageously: What Epic Leaders Know About Leading Their Team Through Change

Change is certain.  But communicating change effectively is not. Often when dealing with change, communicating the change is where the breakdown occurs.  A disconnect may occur between those who are pushing for change and everyone else. Resistance to change keeps people stuck, creates stress and stifles growth and productivity.  And people resist what they don’t understand. For leaders to successfully navigate change, communication and engagement with those affected are critical in order to reduce drama, stress and misunderstanding.  In this engaging, fun and highly interactive session, you will learn proven, easy to implement strategies on how to effectively communicate, connect and create the momentum needed for success when facing change – whether you are the one pushing for the change or the one having change “happen” to you. Read More >

Program Outcomes:

You will leave learning: Read Less ^

  • How to effectively deal with the naysayers, resisters and challengers to the change, turning resistance into understanding
  • How to be more confident when leading through change
  • How to create Change Catalysts instead of Change Resisters by focusing on the 3 C’s of Change: Communication, Connection and Collaboration

Lead From Where You Are: How to Impact, Influence & Create Momentum to Get Results

Titles don’t define a leader, actions do.  You have the ability through your action and your attitude to lead right from where you are, regardless of your title, role or position.  In this interactive session, Kim will outline strategies to Lead From Where You Are and discuss those qualities that create an epic leader. Read More >

Program Outcomes:

You will leave learning: Read Less ^

  • The importance of connecting, communicating and collaborating with others
  • Why having massive, epic failures are critical to success
  • How to become a champion of change, instead of a resister to change
  • That attitude and positivity is what will determine your success as a leader
  • To recognize that leadership is about something bigger than you as the leader – it’s bigger than you – it’s about teamwork.