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Kim  Becking

Kim Becking

Change and Leadership Expert & Best-Selling Author

Kim Becking

Change and Leadership Expert & Best-Selling Author


Kim Becking is an engaging, high-energy, fun, and impactful keynote motivational keynote speaker and thought leader who has been helping organizations, leaders, teams, and individuals conquer change, boost resilience, reduce stress and overwhelm and communicate and connect in a more authentic and meaningful way for over twenty years. She provides people with the tools needed to create a “Momentum Mindset.” - ready to conquer change, take bold action, become more resilient, accelerate success and ignite Unstoppable Momentum in a rapidly changing world that never slows down.

A sought-after motivational keynote speaker and change and leadership expert, Kim is a NYT best-selling author and has been featured in national media such as People, SELF, The New York Times, USA Today, Good Morning America and Lifetime Television for her expertise on resilience and thriving in the midst of change. 

Using humor and vulnerability, Kim has the ability to connect with her audiences at a deeper level. Her authentic, engaging, humorous, and empowering messages of extraordinary resilience, conquering change, and creating success regardless of your circumstances have made her a favorite among her audiences. Kim knows a thing or two about change and challenges through her own experiences in business and life. As an attorney, serial entrepreneur running 2 successful businesses, communications strategist, and “recovering” political consultant, Kim has conquered the ever-changing tough worlds of business, government, and politics. She’s also conquered breast cancer. 

The driving force behind the Unstoppable Momentum Movement, Kim is changing the way we think about change and resilience. Kim has helped companies and organizations around the world empower their leaders, teams, and communities to redefine resilience, reframe change, and understand what it truly means to lead, live, and lean into a rapidly changing, ever-evolving world that never slows down. She inspires everyone she meets to be more adaptable, more resilient, and better equipped to own what’s now and embrace what’s next with a deep breath and a big cup of Bring It On. 
Kim graduated with honors from Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing and received her Juris Doctorate with honors from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law. She is a member of the National Speakers Association, the International Association of Business Communicators, the Association of Talent Development and holds a Certificate of Public Participation from the International Association of Public Participation. She serves on the board and is Past-President of the Greater Missouri Leadership Challenge.

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Helping Leaders and Teams Boost Resilience During Uncertainty

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Speech Topics

Ignite Unstoppable Momentum: Harness the Power of Adaptability, Resilience, and Mindset in a Rapidly Changing World that NEVER. SLOWS. DOWN.

There is no normal or new normal. There is only what’s now and what’s next. Changes, challenges, and uncertainty are hurtling toward us at breakneck speed, and it’s messy and unpredictable. This constant disruption and uncertainty has kicked off a brutal cycle of overwhelm for our leaders, teams, and organizations, leading to fear, resistance to change, and unhealthy levels of stress.

It’s time to stop the cycle. It’s time to Stop. Shift. And Reframe Change and Challenge; because we either adapt, grow, and move forward, or we stay stuck and are left behind.

In this inspiring, engaging keynote, Kim reveals a proven framework for reframing change, redefining resilience, and reimagining what's possible so we can all ignite Unstoppable Momentum and break the constant cycle of overwhelm in a world that never slows down.

With healthy doses of humor, relatable authenticity, and motivation, Kim shares the story of her own journey to Unstoppable Momentum in work and life and offers proven research-backed tools for harnessing the power of adaptability and a grit up, don’t give up Momentum MindsetTM. 

Get ready to turn your obstacles into opportunities, your fear into fuel, and your resistance into buy-in with the mindset, motivation, and tools to bounce forward (not just back) and use every change, challenge, and uncertainty to propel you, your teams and your organization forward - stronger and better than ever.

Leave this program with the tools you need to transform your mindset to think differently about change and challenges and create the everyday resilience required in this rapidly changing world to ignite Unstoppable Momentum no matter what.

This Program Is Perfect for Leaders and Teams:

  • Facing the constant cycle of change and uncertainty and wondering if it will ever stop (News flash: it won’t)
  • Unsure how to conquer the never-ending challenges and change at work without sabotaging their personal life or emotional health and well-being
  • Needing the motivation, confidence, courage, and tools to take ownership of their response to change, challenges, and adversity and shift and reframe the way they view change so they can grit up, not give up, and keep moving forward
  • Trying to overcome resistance to change and generate buy-in for change initiatives in a culture of overwhelm, uncertainty, negativity, or complacency
  • Wanting to inspire themselves and others to not just embrace change, challenge, and uncertainty but ROCK it and, ultimately, become changemakers driving positive change!

Your Leaders Will Leave Able To:

  • Harness the power of self-awareness and emotional intelligence to manage and own the emotions that come with change, uncertainty, and stress for themselves and those they lead
  • Empower themselves and their team during seasons of intense change and uncertainty with easy-to-implement resilience booster and stress reducer tools
  • Leverage specific strategies to connect, engage, and keep your team motivated during change and uncertainty
  • Stay present, positive, and productive, and empower their teams and themselves to embrace what’s now and be ready for what’s next in an ever-evolving world, increasing engagement and morale
  • Create a resilient, unstoppable culture where productivity flourishes, collaboration skyrockets, trust is elevated, and your team and organization thrive—no matter what happens

Your Team Members Will Leave Able To:

  • Transform the emotions caused by change, uncertainty, and stress into rocket fuel for moving forward through the power of self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Thrive in uncertainty, develop greater adaptability, and become a champion of change as they shift to the possibility that change creates and harness the power of a Momentum MindsetTM
  • Integrate proven strategies to maximize their energy management during change and challenges, reducing stress, amplifying productivity, and enhancing their own well-being and resilience 
  • Maintain a positive attitude, create more focus, and become more present, productive, and connected, especially when overwhelm hits
  • Reframe change and ignite their inner resilience so that every change and challenge propels them toward the next (better) version of themselves

Resign as General Manager of the Universe: Refresh, Refuel, and Refocus YOURSELF in an Overwhelming World That Never Slows Down

Kim has a secret to share. There’s no such thing as work-life balance! In this fast-paced, chaotic, work-from-anywhere, high-stress world, life is anything but balanced. Add in the endless list of competing priorities, too much to do and not enough time, increasing negativity, the need to do more with less, and the relentless tide of change and challenge (change fatigue anyone?!), and it’s no wonder overwhelm and burnout are on the rise in this world of “so muchness.” 
The good news is that even in the midst of change and uncertainty, you can have a healthy work-life blend. This interactive and energetic program reveals practical, immediately actionable strategies for reducing stress, overwhelm, and burnout and boosting your resilience so you can take control of your well-being, increase your energy, improve your productivity and focus, and create a life where you’re showing up as your best self at work and at home.

This Program Is Perfect for Leaders at Every Level* Who Are:

  • Feeling stressed and overwhelmed by their mounting to-do list and diminishing time and resources to get it all done (not to mention the unexpected changes and challenges that just keep coming), leading to a lack of well-being, energy, focus, and productivity
  • Wanting to find a healthy work-life balance blend in a 24/7, tech-driven, always on, constantly changing, work-from-anywhere, nonstop world that never slows down
  • Struggling to let go of what’s out of their control, prioritize, and set boundaries at work and at home
  • Losing confidence in themselves as their self-limiting beliefs, fear, and inner bully get louder with each new wave of change and challenge
  • Trying to stay motivated and maintain a healthy level of positivity and optimism in an increasingly polarized, often negative world

Your Leaders at Every Level Will Leave Able To:

  • Maximize their energy (Psst….it’s more than just time) management and become more focused, present, productive, engaged, and connected
  • Lean into the power of the pause, harnessing their self-awareness and emotional intelligence to acknowledge how they feel and identify what they need to keep going
  • Quiet their inner bully, let go of what they can’t control, and reduce stress, burnout, and overwhelm through simple, yet powerful, mindset shifts
  • Utilize powerful mindset shifts to focus on the positive in a sometimes negative, high-conflict, polarized world
  • Skyrocket productivity and well-being by setting boundaries, prioritizing self-care, saying NO without guilt, and delegating more effectivel

* Psst: Guess what? Titles don't define us. We're all leaders from where we are!

Unleash Unstoppable Momentum in Others: Boost Your Team's Connection, Engagement, and Resilience Through Heart-Led Leadership

The new world of work is hard, and being a leader in it is even harder. There’s more to do, more to overcome, and with constant change and 24/7 technology - it NEVER. SLOWS. DOWN. But even with the increase in connectivity thanks to technology, your teams are experiencing less collaboration and less connection, which is increasing their overwhelm and making change and challenge even harder to overcome.

Now more than ever, you’ll need to lead heart-first so your team feels valued, seen, heard, appreciated, and, yes, loved! Communication is no longer enough in this overwhelming, rapidly changing world of “so muchness.” Your ability to connect deeply is critical to the well-being, morale, engagement, and productivity of those you lead.

In this engaging, highly tactical session, Kim unveils practical strategies and tools for connecting, engaging, and showing up as an empathetic leader so you can boost your team’s resilience, improve collaboration, increase retention and engagement, and ROCK any change together.

This Program Is Perfect for Leaders Who Are:

  • Seeing their teams disengage and disconnect as they struggle to navigate increased workloads, constant changes, remote work, staffing challenges, and so much more
  • Struggling to help their team adapt to new changes or embrace new initiatives
  • Trying to boost their team’s morale, well-being, and resilience while struggling with their own stress, overwhelm and burnout
  • Navigating the complexity of building stronger connections with (and between) their team in a remote, hybrid, and work-from-anywhere world that never slows down

Your Leaders Will Leave Able To:

  • Unlock the keys of emotional intelligence and build stronger and more resilient teams and connections during change using empathy and compassion
  • Foster stronger connection and engagement in a remote, hybrid, or work-from-anywhere environment
  • Empower those they lead to feel valued, seen, heard, appreciated, and loved
  • Forge a dynamic, positive team culture that boosts morale, productivity, and engagement and improves resilience, connection, and adaptability
  • Leverage any change or challenge into fuel for growth for themselves and their teams through the Unstoppable MomentumTM Framework

Build Unstoppable Momentum TOGETHER: Harness the Power of Connection and Collaboration to RISE and Thrive in a Rapidly Changing World

The most successful, high-performing leaders and teams aren’t those with the best abilities but those with the ability to bring out the best in each other. But between the relentless pace of work, accelerated change, a work-from-anywhere world, and increasing negativity that seems to be everywhere, it’s become harder and harder to connect at the deeper level required to be better together.

In this energizing, action-producing keynote, Kim reveals the critical importance of actively contributing to your team’s connection, collaboration, and resilience and shares practical tools and strategies for becoming an Unstoppable Team that can RISE together to ignite Unstoppable momentum. Because communication is no longer enough. What is required in this rapidly changing, 24-7, overwhelming world of “so muchness” requires true authentic connections, collaboration, and community grounded in purpose, possibility, hope, and yes, LOVE! 

This Program Is Perfect for Teams Who Are:

  • Struggling to support each other and make meaningful connections as their workload, stress, changes, overwhelm, and challenges increase
  • Experiencing a disconnected or fractured team and organization caused by silos, lack of cross-collaboration, lack of accountability, poor communication, and a work-from-anywhere world, leading to a breakdown of trust
  • Needing practical tools and strategies for transforming change and challenge into rocket fuel for growth as a team
  • Wanting to experience exponential growth as a team but needing guidance on how to achieve it together

Your Teams Will Leave Able To:

  • Build greater empathy, compassion, trust, and support through their connection and engagement with each other to forge an Unstoppable Team
  • Connect more effectively with all team members by cultivating active listening, emotional intelligence, and more open communication
  • Recognize, Inspire, Support, and Empower each other no matter what change or challenge they face to build stronger connection, collaboration, and community
  • Thrive in uncertainty, develop greater adaptability, and become champions of change together
  • Foster mutual accountability and accelerate their success as they rally behind a shared vision and purpose to become unstoppable together

Accelerate Unstoppable Momentum: Stay Gritty, Shift Your Mindset, and Grow Your Sales During Uncertain Times

Between market uncertainty, emerging technologies (Hello, AI!), evolving customer expectations, and so much more, sales leaders and teams are facing change at every level - the way they work, live, lead, interact, and, yes, even sell. Without the ability to anticipate shifts, adapt to new circumstances, sustain resilience under pressure, and demonstrate unwavering grit, they’ll struggle to thrive in this fast-paced, ever-evolving, uncertain world that never slows down.

This inspiring keynote, full of actionable insights, strategies, and the field-tested Unstoppable Momentum Framework, will empower sales leaders and teams to embrace change, lean into adversity, and adopt a "Grit Up, Don’t Give Up" Momentum Mindset so they can navigate the rapidly shifting sales landscape with confidence, adaptability, and Unstoppable Momentum.

This Program Is Perfect for Sales Leaders and Teams:

  • Facing the constant cycle of change and uncertainty and wondering if it will ever stop (News flash: it won’t)
  • Struggling with staying motivated and high-performing during challenging times
  • Seeking to enhance their adaptability, resilience, and grit in the face of rapid change, market shifts, and uncertainty
  • Unsure how to reduce the stress and overwhelm of ongoing uncertainty and change without sabotaging their personal life or emotional health
  • Wanting to foster stronger connections and relationships with their prospects and customers

Sales Leaders Will Leave Able To:

  • Own their confidence with a stay gritty attitude when faced with uncertainty, challenge, and change
  • Harness the power of adaptability, resilience, mindset, and grit to drive forward, accelerate Momentum, and deliver results despite a constantly evolving market
  • Embrace both the grace to refuel and the grit to take action, empowering themselves to reduce stress and improve well-being, focus, and productivity during times of change, challenge, and uncertainty
  • Unlock the power of their emotional intelligence and the ability to meet prospects and customers where they are, leading to better rapport, trust, and sales productivity and performance