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Kristen Gibbons  Feden, Esq.

Kristen Gibbons Feden, Esq.

Nationally Acclaimed Litigator, National Television Commentator, Women’s Right’s Advocate, Social Justice & Human Rights Advocate, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advocate


Kristen is widely regarded as one of the Nation’s leading litigators in the fields of sexual abuse and civil rights as well as an outspoken advocate for social justice. When she is not in the courtroom, Kristen regularly provides expert commentary on high-profile trials and legal and civil rights issues for international and national media outlets alike, including ABC, BBC, CBC, CBS, CNN, Fox, NBC, and NPR. Read More >

Kristen M. Gibbons Feden has proven herself to be fearless when fighting for survivors against high profile offenders and large institutions. Christened by the New York Times as “The Prosecutor Who Stared Down Bill Cosby,” Kristen is internationally recognized as a leading litigator in the #MeToo Movement. Nationally acclaimed as a fierce litigator, Kristen has represented numerous sexual abuse survivors in their pursuit of civil justice and received a multitude of awards for her tireless work with the most vulnerable survivors, many of whom were in their darkest moments when they sought her out.

While her, now famous, closing argument in the second trial of Commonwealth v. William H. Cosby put her in the international spotlight, Kristen has always been dedicated to fighting for victims of sexual abuse both in and out of the courtroom. Kristen began her work with victims as a prosecutor in Montgomery County, where she served as Captain of the Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse Units and member of the Sex Crimes Unit. In that role she successfully litigated scores of cases to verdict, including trials involving sexual and physical abuse, domestic violence, and homicide. While a prosecutor, Kristen received multiple commendations for her courtroom successes and efforts on behalf of survivors. By taking many cases to trial that others would not, Kristen demonstrated her dedication to survivors, time and time again.

Outside of the courtroom, Kristen provides a powerful voice for victims nationwide. Kristen has traveled internationally speaking out and fighting for changes in the law and in our societies’ understanding of the dynamics of sexual violence, the effects of sexual trauma on survivors, societal inequality, and the struggle for social justice. She has been recognized by numerous victim’s rights organizations around the country for this work.

Kristen is also a proud member of various Boards and Court Appointments, including being a Board Member of AEquitas, a national resource center for law enforcement investigating and prosecuting sex trafficking and other sex crimes; the Vice President of the Montgomery County’s Victim’s Services Center; and a Member of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Criminal Procedural Rules Committee. Her expertise is also frequently called upon by various advocacy groups to present and provide keynote speeches. Feden is also an adjunct professor at the Temple University Beasley School of Law and occasionally teaches in the top-ranked Temple LLM program in Trial Advocacy.

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Speaker Videos

Meet the Prosecutor Who Pressed for Charges Against Bill Cosby Before #MeToo | CBS This Morning

Speech Topics

Together We Move: Social Movements & The Minnesota v. Derek Chauvin

Kristen discusses the impact of activist movements that have galvanized marginalized communities to stand together against the violence and social injustice that has plagued our country. Kristen analyzes these issues through the lens of the State v. Chauvin, for which she provided National television coverage of throughout the trial. 

Fighting to be Fearless: How Women & Marginalized Communities Must Recognize & Defeat the Credibility Gap

With a vision of justice for all, Kristen discusses the credibility gap, how achieving credibility, particularly in school, the workplace, and various institutions, can be quite different and increasingly difficult depending on your gender, as well as your race. Kristen deftly explains how credibility is the universe of judgments and decisions made at the highest levels of professional leadership that, while nominally merit based, are, in reality often incredibly subjective and open to a slew of unconscious biases that disproportionately affect women and people of color. In discussing these topics, Kristen weaves in personal and professional experiences and discusses professional motivational strategies and effective solutions to overcoming the credibility gap, being seen as an effective and competent lawyer, and paving the way for others.

The Role of Culture & Credibility in Oppression & Rape

Kristen seamlessly connects the glass-ceiling in the workplace, that artificially suppresses the advancement of women and minorities, to the acceptance of “rape myths” in the legal sphere. She discusses how historical institutions are formed around a culture that diminishes minorities and elevates white-male power structures.  Kristen then examines how this leads to “meritorious” measurements that are anything but meritorious and reinforce minority suppression while barring marginalized communities from finding opportunity and justice. 

Bringing William H. Cosby to Justice: The First Conviction in the #MeToo Era

Kristen, one of lead prosecutors in the Commonwealth v. Cosby trials, engages audiences in a discussion about prosecuting, what many have described as, the first major trial of the “Me To” era. She goes into the nuts and bolts of the trial, while stepping back at times to look at societal and cultural issues impacting this high-profile trial.