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Larry Spotted Crow Mann

Larry Spotted Crow Mann

Award-Winning Author, Cultural Educator, Storyteller & Citizen of the Nipmuc Tribe of Massachusetts


Larry Spotted Crow Mann is a nationally acclaimed author and citizen of the Nipmuc Tribe of Massachusetts. He is an award-winning writer, poet, cultural educator, traditional storyteller, and tribal musician centered around the intersection of cultural and environmental awareness, spirituality, and youth sobriety in the Indigenous community Read More >

Mann is co-director of the Ohketeau Cultural Center, an organization that allows for the opportunity for interdisciplinary education through cultural workshops, dance, music, and art. Ohketeau, which means a “place to grow,” was founded to provide a safe, rewarding, and enriching experience for the Indigenous community of the Nipmuc region. Previously, Mann served as a board member of the Nipmuc Cultural Preservation, an organization set up to promote the cultural, social, and spiritual needs of Nipmuc people as well as an educational resource of Native American studies. Mann also serves as a Review Committee Member for the Native American Poets Project at the Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology at Harvard University.

Mann is the author of three books including Drumming & Dreaming, The Mourning Road to Thanksgiving (2015 Native American WordCraft Circle of Honors winner), and internationally acclaimed, Tales from the Whispering Basket. His most recent book, Drumming & Dreaming, a spectacular collection stories of Nipmuc legends, will be featured in a state-wide curriculum across Massachusetts as part of a Life Skills Training for teachers and students focused on alcohol & drug prevention in Native American teens.

Larry travels to K-12 schools, colleges/universities, pow wows, and other organizations sharing the music, culture, and history of the Nipmuc people. Outside of Mann’s life work within Indigenous arts and culture, he has given lectures on issues ranging from Native American sovereignty and Indigenous identity to drug and alcohol prevention and eradicating health inequities for Native Americans and Indigenous communities worldwide. Read Less ^

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Native American Sovereignty: The Tribal Stories that Bind Us

Award-Winning Author and Storyteller, Larry Spotted Crow Mann has dedicated his life to Native American sovereignty and preserving the independence and history of Indigenous identity. The art of Native American storytelling has been passed down for thousands of years from generation to generation, helping to preserve the traditions and ideals of Indigenous communities around the world. Sharing stories from his internationally acclaimed debut book Tales from the Whispering Basket, and other literature and collections, Mann’s oracle depiction of the Nipmuc people teach us lessons of love, courage, kindness, respect, humility, truth, and wisdom. By connecting these stories with today’s most talked about and debated issues, Mann helps audiences bridge the gap between the history of Indigenous people and the role that Indigenous communities play in our current world. Mann hopes that by sharing these stories and the rich history of his people, we can come together as one, and start eradicating the diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility barriers marginalized communities and BIPOC people face.