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Tatanka  Means

Tatanka Means

Native American Actor & Activist


Tatanka Means is an award-winning actor, stand-up comedian and motivational speaker from Chinle, Arizona. He represents the Navajo, Oglala Lakota and Omaha Nations.  Read More >

Means can be seen starring in the television movie Saints & Strangers for the National Geographic Channel, and in season one in the AMC series The Son with Pierce Brosnan. He can also be seen in A Million Ways to Die in The West by Seth Macfarlane, season two of BANSHEE on Cinemax, The Night Shift on NBC, and Graves with Nick Nolte. Other highlights in film and television include appearing as Lakota Chief Crazy Horse in Steven Spielberg's TNT mini-series Into The West, and in his role as “Wolf” in Tiger Eyes based upon the novel by acclaimed author Judy Blume.

The son of Russell Means, the influential member of the American Indian Movement in the 60s and 70s, Means follows in his father's footsteps as an advocate for equality and advancement for Native Americans.

Aside from acting Tatanka performs stand-up comedy internationally throughout the U.S. and Canada. Tatanka is one of the busiest touring Native American comedians performing today. You can also catch him on tour with the hilarious Native American Comedy group, 49 Laughs. Tatanka travels Indian Country spreading laughter and messages of motivation to all ages entertaining audiences everywhere from casinos and schools, conferences and colleges to prisons and rehab centers. Means was recognized and awarded for his comedy by being voted Best Comedian by Albuquerque The Magazine.

Means developed and launched his own screen printing and clothing company, Tatanka Clothing. Apparel designed and created to uplift and inspire cultural empowerment.

The National Indian Gaming Association recently awarded Tatanka by naming him the 2018 Entertainer of the Year.

Tatanka’s ambition and perseverance has taken him from his home on the reservation to traveling across North America. He has become a much-needed role model for all American Indian First Nations youth.

Tatanka is proud to be an alcohol & drug-free sober performer and living a healthy lifestyle. Read Less ^

Speech Topics

American Indians: Past, Present & Future

From our creation as a people to fighting for our lives, we exist in a pop culture with the last of our elders. Means explores a reality of living in two worlds while preserving life and culture.

Youth Empowerment

Believing in yourself, you are enough and nothing is impossible.

American Indians & Hollywood in the 21st Century

Means looks at Indians in film in the 21st Century and their role in Hollywood, then discusses stereotypes of the modern Indian.