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Lela  Lee

Lela Lee

Actress / Creator of Angry Little Asian Girl


Lela Lee is a cartoonist, actress and writer whose experiences as a woman of color and as a child of immigrants in America intersect to create an identity that is layered by race, gender, culture, and traditions old and new. Read More >

Her work often investigates where a collective culture creates contradictions with the new generation who want to individuate but still belong. Read Less ^

Speech Topics

Cultural Switching & Gender Judo, the Double Burden Asian Women Face in the Workplace

Asian women who are raised in traditional Asian households are taught to be submissive, quiet and deferential. Yet the American workplace values traits such as confidence, leadership, strength and individuality. These opposing value systems often create inner conflict. Asian professional woman find themselves walking a tightrope with opposing expectations on each side. Are they Asian enough or are they American enough? What are the solutions to feel whole and valued both at work and at home? From Lela's own experience navigating work and the expectations of two cultures, young Asian women will walk away with a better understanding of how they can navigate their future career paths.

The Model Minority Myth Dissected

The model minority myth is widely discussed as something that limits the authenticity of how Asians are in real life. Asian Americans blame the media, but who or what is really to blame for the model minority myth? Is the wrath one will face for bringing shame to their Asian family doorstep contributing to the larger generalization of Asians? Collective criticism and activism in Asian America is growing online, but is it really getting to the heart of the issue or is just a way to control non-conforming Asians with shame and guilt to keep the good face we're taught to uphold? A look at who's being bashed and who's being praised by online voices will show us if the collective "face" of Asians in America is really ready to break the model minority myth...