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Luke  Tipple

Luke Tipple

Marine Biologist, TV Personality & Author


Luke Tipple is a marine biologist, TV personality, best selling author, entrepreneur and pilot. His love affair with the sea started while tracking down sharks in Australia with his father at 5 years old and being fed a steady diet of Jacques Cousteau documentaries. Guided by the universal language of the water he’s spent the past 30+ years in, on or under the surface, experiencing its gifts and brutalities. Since then he’s pioneered out-of-the-cage diving with great white sharks, used technical, mixed-gas diving to find sawfish on a deadly shipwreck, tagged radioactive sharks 250ft deep in Bikini Atoll, and searched for Spanish treasure in the Caribbean. Having consulted for and run several non-profits, Tipple is passionate about wildlife and his international conservation and policy work has been recognized for outstanding contribution by the Humane Society of the United States. Read More >

Luke is the host of Discovery Channel’s Nature Minute and is a regular on Shark Week. He’s also hosted two major network survival game shows as well as producing and hosting series for Travel channel and Snapchat via his production company.

A passionate creative at heart he is equal parts scientist, adventurer and entertainer. Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

Sharks Don’t Scare Me

Approaching your daily and business life with the mind of an Apex predator. Whether it’s a group work environment or you’re a sole entrepreneur it’s easy to get overwhelmed and conquered by the big fish that surround you. Learn a different approach to success that’ll separate the minnows from the sharks.

The Jaws Theory

How you’ve been lied to by the world and the media and robbed of your true potential. The human race is an extraordinary evolutionary success story, but we’re not down yet and primal fears still dictate much of our life. See through the lies that hold you back and harness your true potential.

The Apex Strategy

Approach, Assess, Attack. Ever wonder why sharks are the most scary, and most successful predator on the planet? Harness the power of an Apex predator’s attack strategy and develop a competitive advantage to rise to the top of your shark tank.