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M Douglas  Silverstein

M Douglas Silverstein

EMMY Award Winning Director & 5x Nominated Producer, Filmmaker

M Douglas Silverstein

EMMY Award Winning Director & 5x Nominated Producer, Filmmaker


M. Douglas Silverstein - “M” is an EMMY Award Winning Director & 5 Time Nominated Producer, Filmmaker, Content Creator for Iconic Legends, Esteemed Organizations and Brand Whisperer for Fortune 100 companies, Former TV / Radio Host, Voice Over artist, Actor, touring musician, and Founder of Extrovert Entertainment. M brings a unique perspective to any speech because his life has been filled with wildly interesting and vast experiences from playing stadiums as a musician, being a TV/Radio host, having a voice you’ve heard in many commercials, directing the biggest rock stars on the planet, or producing projects with Presidents and prime ministers. M’s stories are fun, funny, thoughtful, and rather introspective. While he can name drop from here till next month, he prefers to use his proximity to cultural icons and events to inspire, excite and motivate audiences. Imagine hearing about the most humbling moments from being the lowest paid guy on Nirvana's music video shoot, to having Madonna flirt with you or walking the streets with Paul McCartney and what he learned from it all. You’ve never heard stories like this or told this way.

His documentary work includes projects with Paul McCartney, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Willie Nelson, Foo Fighters, Duran Duran, and Jazz at Lincoln Center.

In his branding work he has done projects with Madonna, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, The Jonas Brothers, Wyclef, Fergie, and Kanye West. He has worked with many Fortune 100 companies including Google, Best Buy, Verizon, HP, LG, Motorola, AT&T, Microsoft, Mazda, and Dodge to produce a wide range of content.

“M” has directed and produced hundreds of hours of unscripted content for broadcast networks like CBS, ABC, MTV, CMT, BET, Travel and many more. He has also produced content for multiple digital series with over 500 episodes delivered.

He and his company Extrovert Entertainment have won many industry awards including an EMMY for directing, three nominations for producing, plus 12 Telly Awards and numerous festival honors.

Speaker Videos

Authenticity: What it Really Takes To Be a Rockstar | M. Douglas Silverstei

Speech Topics

Failure is Fun

A motivating and fun speech on taking risks, conquering fear, and living a life without regrets by learning that failure is fun!

Your Ego is Not Your Amigo

Learn the difference between cocky vs. confident and how the world responds to it. We will examine the difference between getting the results you want by examining your language, your responses, and your body movements.

Eeek It’s An Imposter

This speech examines imposter syndrome and how it is alive in all of us, but is not something you have to live with. Silverstein will demonstrate the value of authenticity.

Humble Moments Mean More

Humble moments mean more than your greatest success because of what it can teach you about yourself, your passion, your purpose, and the world around you. Hear how Silverstein was the lowest guy on the totem pole while helping Kurt Cobain on the Smells Like Teen Spirit Music Video, working at the Grammys with Milli Vanilli, or as a roadie with BB King and Paul McCartney. It’s amazing what you can witness when you are both invisible and in the wake of greatness.