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Marianne  Schnall

Marianne Schnall

Founder & Executive Director of Feminist.com

Marianne Schnall

Founder & Executive Director of Feminist.com



Marianne Schnall is a widely published writer and interviewer whose writings and interviews have appeared in a variety of media outlets including O Magazine, Marie Claire, TIME, InStyle, CNN, Forbes, EW, AOL BUILD, the Women's Media Center, and many others. Marianne is a featured blogger at The Huffington Post and a contributor to the nationally syndicated NPR radio show, 51 Percent: The Women's Perspective. Schnall is the founder and Executive Director of Feminist.com, a leading women's web site and nonprofit organization. For over 20 years, Feminist.com has been fostering awareness, education, and activism for people all across the world.  She is also the cofounder of EcoMall.com, one of the oldest environmental websites promoting earth-friendly living.

Marianne's latest book is What Will It Take to Make A Woman President?: Conversations About Women, Leadership and Power, featuring interviews with politicians, public officials, thought leaders, writers, artists, and activists in an attempt to discover the obstacles that have held women back and what needs to change in order to elect a woman into the White House. With insights and personal anecdotes from Sheryl Sandberg, Maya Angelou, Gloria Steinem, Nancy Pelosi, Nicholas Kristof, Melissa Etheridge, Olympia Snowe, and many more, this book addresses timely, provocative issues involving women, politics, and power. With a broader goal of encouraging women and girls to be leaders in their lives, their communities, and the larger world, Schnall and her interviewees explore the changing paradigms occurring in politics and in our culture with the hope of moving toward meaningful and effective solutions—and a world where a woman can be president.

Beyoncé recently recommended What Will It Take to Make a Woman President? Conversations About Women, Leadership & Power in an interview in GARAGE Magazine, saying: “I would love for my younger fans to read What Will It Take to Make a Woman President? by Marianne Schnall. It’s a collection of interviews and essays by great women, including Maya Angelou, Gloria Steinem, and Melissa Etheridge. They will inspire you to become a better leader.”

In addition to those Marianne has interviewed for her book, she has also interviewed notable figures such as Oprah Winfrey, Madeleine Albright, President Jimmy Carter, Arianna Huffington, Desmond Tutu, Meryl Streep, Jane Goodall, Natalie Portman, Amy Poehler, Melinda Gates and much more.

Marianne graduated from Cornell University in 1989 with a BA in English, and she is also a graduate of the Women’s Media Center’s Progressive Women's Voices media and leadership training program. She is the author of Daring to Be Ourselves: Influential Women Share Insights on Courage, Happiness and Finding Your Own Voice. She was also a contributor to Robin Morgan's anthology, Sisterhood is Forever: The Women's Anthology for a New Millennium.

Through her writings, interviews, and websites, Marianne strives to raise awareness and inspire activism around important issues and causes. 

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Speech Topics

Women’s Leadership: What Will it Take to Make a Woman President?

In this compelling presentation based on her Beyoncé-recommended book, Marianne Schnall examines the scope of women's leadership today and explores how we can empower more women and girls into leadership positions in all sectors of society. Pulling from material and insight from some of the greatest leaders of our time along with her own unique experiences, Marianne discusses how women can use their voices and vision to lead through a lens that is singularly her own.

Pass It On: The Next Generation

Passing on knowledge from one generation of women to the next is critical to supporting the future women leaders. Marianne Schnall will discuss the importance of intergenerational dialogue and mentoring, as well as draw advice and words of wisdom for young women today and some of the most influential women of our time.  

Men & Women as Allies

What does it mean for men and women to collaborate in pursuit of gender equality? What does it look like? Marianne Schnall explores how gender stereotypes negatively impact both women and men, girls and boys, and reflects on the many changing paradigms in our culture.

Activism in Your Own Voice

How do we find our own way to make a difference? How can our voices contribute to the world? In this often-requested talk, Marianne explores the connections between voice, visibility and action. In addition, she examines their power to mobilize social change through writing, activism and positive disruption.

Women & Media

Drawing from her experiences as a journalist, writer, interviewer and mother, Marianne Schnall discusses how the media's objectification, sexualization and stereotyping of women impacts everyone’s self-perception and shapes our culture.