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Mark  Jacobsen

Mark Jacobsen

Founding Member, Behavioral Sciences Future of Work Forum & Co-Founder, Venture Worxs LLC

Mark Jacobsen

Founding Member, Behavioral Sciences Future of Work Forum & Co-Founder, Venture Worxs LLC


Mark Jacobsen is a visionary futurist that helps organizational leaders prepare for the future by speaking, and teaching on the 12 Trends Shaping the Future of Work™. Mark Jacobsen is a work culture, business and brand strategist with extensive experience in translating behavioral science insights into relevant design solutions. Mark was formerly the co-founder and Creative Director of Centric Brand Anthropology, a design studio that utilizes anthropological insights to create human-centric user experiences. Throughout his career, Mark has worked with many national and international brands including Starbucks Coffee, Eddie Bauer, Restoration Hardware, Mattel, Amazon.com, Microsoft, Best Buy, and Costco.

Mark is a founding member of the Behavioral Sciences Future of Work Forum, a consortium of world-class experts that have come together to explore the working world of tomorrow.In 2017 Mark launched Venture Worxs LLC, a Future of Work innovation studio that designs next-generation solutions for immersive team collaboration by integrating people, place, and technology. Venture Worxs recently launched the Virtual Workplace System™ in partnership with Vulcan Technologies LLC a groundbreaking 360° fully immersive virtual reality experience that requires NO HEADSET.

Mark conceived the Catalyst Loft, a workplace innovation lab for Herman Miller’s largest dealer in the Pacific Northwest (Catalyst Workplace Activation). This work included the development of the Loft’s tour experience and Thought Leadership Program created in partnership with Workplace Psychologist Dr. Linda Wagener and Organizational Design Expert, Dr. Richard Beaton (Marigold Associates). This work also included tour content development, the creation of topical white papers, speaker recruitment, and event moderation. Since opening in January 2016 more than 1,300 architects, interior designers, business leaders, and real estate developers have participated in the Loft program.

Speech Topics

12 Trends Shaping the Future of Work

Over the last hundred years, work has fundamentally changed. We have entered a new paradigm of work. Today, the purpose of work has shifted from making things and sharing information, into a knowledge-based economy driven by idea generation and team collaboration. The line between work life and personal life has also blurred, making it difficult to determine when we are working and when we are not. The combined impact of these issues has led progressive organizations to rethink their organizational structure, the importance of work culture, their leadership styles, and the purpose of their physical work environment. We invite you to attend this enlightening event, where we’ll share 12 significant trends that are shaping the Future of Work.

12 Trends Shaping the Future of Work:

  1. The Knowledge Economy & the Era of Ideas
  2. The Rise of the Millennial Generation
  3. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  4. Collaboration and the Power of Work Culture
  5. Humans at the Center of Work
  6. The Death of Corporate Hierarchies
  7. Next Generation Leaders and Matrix Teams
  8. Globalization & Virtualization of Organizations
  9. Constant Change and Disruption the New Norm
  10. Rapid Innovation Required to Remain Relevant
  11. Hyper Specialization and Gig Workers
  12. The Integration of People Place & Technology