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Mark  Jeffries

Mark Jeffries

Former Merrill Lynch Stockbroker & Author

Mark Jeffries

Former Merrill Lynch Stockbroker & Author


Author, Keynote Speaker and former Merrill Lynch stockbroker, Mark Jeffries, has become a trusted adviser and communications consultant to some of the world's largest and most successful corporations, agencies and partnerships.

Dividing his time mostly between The United States, Canada and Europe, Mark is invited to deliver his highly effective keynotes on ‘Business Communication, Influence & Presentation’ to audiences across many industries. His speeches are relevant, entertaining, and filled with instantly useable takeaway ideas.

Mark has also mastered a fascinating niche – moderating major corporate events. Clients refer to Mark as the “Matt Lauer” of the conference world - he has rapidly become the go-to person for facilitating, moderating and ‘MC-ing’ multinational events for large and small organizations around the world. As well as running countless industry panels and chatting with more than 500 C-Suite execs, on stage, Mark has also interviewed many celebrities including Richard Branson, Kevin Spacey, Serena Williams and Michael J. Fox

Mark has published two books: What’s up with your Handshake? and The Art of Business Seduction and has just launched 2 highly innovative and very engaging e-learning courses dedicated to elevating users into Trusted Advisors, Persuasive Communicators and Key Influencers.

Discussing the power of ‘Business Influence’ and ‘Networking 2.0’, Mark regularly appears as an expert guest on NBC’s Today Show, Fox Business, and BBC News and writes for The Huffington Post.

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Speech Topics

The Art of Business Influence: Communication Techniques to Build Trust, Success & Connections

Communication expert, Mark Jeffries’ message is a simple, yet vital one – communication excellence leads to increased connections, trust & success. The best news of all – we don’t have to do much to tilt the scales of perception in our favor – we just need to know how!

Mark presents a ‘toolbox’ packed with instantly useable techniques, ideas and methods designed to give you a smart, proven, communication-based approach to the challenges and opportunities you face every day.

His real-world, entertaining and common sense delivery – balanced with ready-to-apply ideas, memorable methods and valuable takeaways has impressed audiences around the world. Mark has now spoken in front of more than 100,000 people from a broad array of industries including IT, Aerospace, Marketing, Restaurants & Entertainment, Professional and Consulting Services, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Investment and Banking.

Smart Communication in Tough Times: How to Harness Today's Profit Opportunities

The days of the hard sell—of selling yourself, assuming people will buy and hoping for the best—are over, according to Mark Jeffries. In today’s more selling-sophisticated world, the client communication skills that win are the “soft skills”—skills that positively enhance the way others perceive you. In this unique presentation guaranteed to make audiences think differently about how they are perceived, Jeffries describes these seemingly intangible soft skills, showing you how to integrate them into your professional life for bottom-line success.

In Jeffries’s presentation, you will learn:

  • Soft skills—how to influence others
  • The golden rules of networking
  • Boardroom etiquette
  • How to make more powerful and effective presentations and pitches
  • How to plant the seed of an idea
  • How to read other people
  • Techniquette—the etiquette of technology
  • How to alter the way others perceive you
  • How to understand your own image
  • The secret messages you really convey

Leading the Conversation: Panel Moderator, Discussion Leader, Emcee/Host

As a former TV host, Jeffries brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every event. He is also an entertaining and experienced emcee and moderator who quickly masters the intricacies of business within any industry. Mark’s role as moderator or host is always to make you and your executives shine. He is there to make sure the right questions get asked so you can deliver the perfect message. He adds value, energy and humor to all the proceedings – becoming the audience’s ‘friend’ on the stage – summarizing, content, guiding interaction, encouraging conversation and ensuring timely breaks, starts and ends. Mark has hosted many Staff, Partner, reward and Customer events all over the world. He is trusted to positively magnify the top team, enhance the key messages and add useable ideas and tips on great communication.