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Mark  Scharenbroich

Mark Scharenbroich

Corporate Motivator


Scharenbroich has built his professional public speaking career by working in both business and education, discovering how some of the best organizations and leaders create a culture that encourages people to perform at a higher level. His messages improve employee engagement, helping people to embrace change, enhance team collaboration, fuel the passion to serve others, and create meaningful connections. Read More >

Clients constantly remark on his unconventional approach, knockout humor, and personal stories with universal appeal. All focus on the relationship side of creating results, connecting people to people, management to frontline, team member to team member, company to customer, educator to student.

While earning a degree in mass communications at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, Scharenbroich wrote, directed, and performed in a comedy troupe called Mom’s Apple Pie. The group performed together throughout the Midwest in the ’70s, and when it disbanded, Scharenbroich went solo and combined his comedy training with motivational speaking.

Soon after, Scharenbroich was employed by Jostens—the leading manufacturer of class rings, yearbooks, and graduation products—to speak to their customers throughout North America. In 1981 Scharenbroich was featured in a film called The Greatest Days of Your Life… (So Far), which was seen by over a million viewers worldwide. It earned him the Golden Apple and Silver Screen film awards. Scharenbroich became noted in education as a leading expert in the area of leadership and student engagement.

After he left Jostens to further develop his speaking career, Scharenbroich and his wife founded Scharenbroich & Associates, Inc. He is the author of Nice Bike: Making Connections That Move People, based on his “Nice Bike principle,” which is about acknowledging, honoring, and making connections that move people. He has been inducted into National Speakers Associations’ Hall of Fame and was member of the Speakers Roundtable, an invitation only group of 20 top speakers; he was also awarded an Emmy for an ABC TV special. Read Less ^

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Nice Bike

Keynote speaker Mark Scharenbroich’s “Nice Bike principle” is about acknowledging, honoring, and making connections that move people. Through the Nice Bike principle, Scharenbroich helps people bring greater passion to their work and feel a profound connection to their company. His keynote presentation of the Nice Bike concept acts as a catalyst for a stronger, more unified team. Read More >


These powerful words—Nice Bike—are supported by three powerful actions:


  • Acknowledge: To be more aware; to let others know that who they are and what they do matters; to be a great listener… a really great listener.
  • Honor: To recognize others based on what’s important to them; to serve others with a sense of passion.
  • Connect: To create a meaningful contact with others—both large and small—that makes a difference in someone’s life.


Scharenbroich’s message will have high audience impact and be supported with tools that people will use immediately to improve their own personal and professional lives. Not only will you be hearing “Nice Bike” in the hallways of the convention, audience members will embrace the Nice Bike message to create real change in their daily lives.

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