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Matthew  Kelly

Matthew Kelly

Best-Selling Author & Motivational Coach


Matthew Kelly is an internationally acclaimed speaker and best-selling author, as well as the founder and president of Floyd Consulting, a firm based on the belief that your organization can only become the best version of itself when the people in your organization are striving to become the best versions of themselves. Read More >

Kelly’s books have sold more than five million copies and have appeared on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, and numerous other bestseller lists. His titles include The Dream Manager, The Rhythm of Life, and Off Balance.

More than four million people in 50 countries have attended Kelly’s presentations and seminars. Over the past decade, he has given over 2,500 keynote presentations at conferences and conventions for a wide variety of organizations including Fortune 500 companies, national trade associations, professional organizations, universities, churches, and nonprofits. Millions more have been touched by his writings and appearances on radio and television programs.

With his keen sense of humor and passion for helping companies understand that developing their employees is the first step to achieving corporate goals, Kelly effortlessly elevates and energizes people to pursue the highest values of the human spirit and achieve their personal goals and ambitions.

Matthew Kelly's message is both timely and timeless, his example is authentic and inspiring, and his passion for life is refreshing and challenging. He will certainly continue to be one of the most sought-after and endearing voices of our time. Read Less ^

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People Love Change, They Just Don't Like Transition

Every Organization Needs a Vision

Speech Topics

Leading Through Change: Understanding How to Manage a Transition

When was the last time you were not experiencing some type of transition at work? Transitions can involve a new product, a new client, a new boss, new team members, new IT, new processes and systems, new pricing structures, or new office space. Our businesses are always in transition. And who on your team is not experiencing some kind of transition in his or her personal life right now? Personal transitions can involve a new job, a new boyfriend or girlfriend, moving to a new city, buying a new house, marriage, divorce, having a baby, sending a child to college, health issues, the death or illness of a loved one, or getting a new pet. We are all constantly in transition. Getting really good at handling transition is one of the basic skills necessary to thrive in the modern world. Read More >

In this presentation, motivational speaker Matthew Kelly will teach the audience how to lead people and manage processes during a transition. Using “the transition diagram,” he will demonstrate the different stages of a transition, which members of a team will get on board, which will resist, and who will try to sabotage the transition… and why. Participants will leave with a practical model that will forever change the way they lead people through transitions.

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The Dream Manager: Building a Bigger Future for Your Company & Your People

The great majority of people in the workplace today are actively disengaged. To varying extents, they don’t feel connected to the work they do, the organizations they work in, or the people they work with. Read More >

The “dream manager” concept provides a revolutionary way of reversing this crippling trend and demonstrates how organizations both large and small can actively engage their people once again, thus creating a competitive advantage of monumental proportions.

In this presentation, motivational keynoter Matthew Kelly explains the powerful connection between employees’ personal dreams and a corporation’s ability to achieve goals and sustain growth. Exploring the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy organizations, he demonstrates how a company cannot expect to attract and retain the employees necessary to guarantee sustainable growth and profitability unless that company can help those same employees move in the direction of their personal dreams and ambitions.

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Meaningful Messaging: Marketing Beyond the Noise

How many “free checking” billboards have you seen in your life? Is that what most people are looking for in a bank? What would happen to the bank that changed the conversation with a message like “What’s your dream? We Can Help!”? That bank would definitely get more attention than others in a highly commoditized industry where essentially every bank does the same thing anyway. Read More >

How many marketing messages do average consumers encounter on any single day? How is your message going to capture their attention? How are you going to cut through the noise?

In this presentation, speaker Matthew Kelly will demonstrate the power of meaningful messaging and teach his audience how to create meaningful campaigns that get beyond the noise and have people talking about products and services in a whole new way.

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Talent Fanatic: Building a World-Class Team in a Mediocre Culture

Business is still about people. Despite all of the technological advances we have witnessed over the past 50 years, you still find people on both sides of every transaction…. and most of management's headaches still involve people. Developing a world-class team is still the ultimate competitive advantage in business. Read More >

It is going to be more and more difficult to develop a world-class team because talented people are going to be harder and harder to find as Baby Boomers leave the workplace and the quality of education continues to diminish. But still, the future of your business depends on finding, attracting, nurturing, and retaining talent.

In this presentation, speaker Matthew Kelly will encourage participants to become talent fanatics—people who are obsessed with searching for the talent necessary to achieve the bigger future you have envisioned for your company. He will also teach the audience how to spot talent, develop talent, and when and why to discard it. Read Less ^

Authenticity, Not Authority: The New Leadership Paradigm

In an age that is allergic to authority, it is time to celebrate authenticity and harness it as an integral part of leadership. An authentic leader is a person with integrity who does not strive for perfection, but rather honestly admits his or her strengths and weaknesses. Read More >

This new paradigm for leadership is based on the idea that a company cannot become the best version of itself unless its management and employees strive to become better versions of themselves. This new paradigm demands that an organization take a more active interest in the lives of its employees. If employees do not believe that their leader has their best interest at heart, then that leader cannot expect employees to have the organization’s best interest at heart.

In this presentation, New York Times best-selling author Matthew Kelly will demonstrate how a variety of leadership styles help or hinder the overall objectives of a team or company. Participants will also learn how to lead with authenticity. Read Less ^

Personal Strategic Planning: What Separates High-Level Achievers

Most people spend more time planning their vacations than planning their lives. If we cannot convince them of the importance of planning in their own lives, we will never convince them of how important planning is in business. Read More >

In this presentation, keynoter Matthew Kelly takes his audience on a personal odyssey to begin to develop a strategic plan for their lives. With his unique and original concept of applying traditional strategic planning methods to our personal lives, he demonstrates how the most powerful way to teach team members about the importance of corporate planning is to teach them the principles of personal strategic planning. Read Less ^

A Culture of Dreams: Empowerment vs. Entitlement

After the incredible success of The Dream Manager, Matthew Kelly’s best-selling training manual, companies from all over the world became interested in building cultures that encouraged people to identify and pursue their dreams. The results have been powerful. Read More >

During the first half of this presentation, motivational speaker Matthew Kelly will share case studies from some of the most successful dream cultures, highlighting how the “dream manager” concept changed employees’ lives and corporate profits. The second half of this presentation will outline how to create a culture of dreams within your company—and what obstacles and opportunities you can expect along the way.

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