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Matthew  Yglesias

Matthew Yglesias

Co-Founder of Vox.com

Matthew Yglesias

Co-Founder of Vox.com


A pioneering political blogger since the Internet Dark Ages of 2002, Matthew Yglesias co-founded the popular news website Vox.com in 2014 where he currently works as a senior correspondent covering politics and economic policy and hosts The Weeds podcast twice weekly. 

He’s known for bringing a combination of humor and analytic rigor to superficially tedious matters ranging from senate procedure to parking regulations to monetary policy, illuminating the most arcane aspects of politics and economics in an accessible way without every dumbing things down. His articles for Vox receive an average of 2 million page views per month and have been cited by everyone from Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama to Jeff Bezos and has influenced congressional action on topics ranging from the relocation of federal agencies outside the Beltway to Amtrak’s procedures for boarding trains.

Before launching Vox, he was the author of the Moneybag column for Slate and before that he wrote and blogged for Think Progress, The Atlantic, TPM, and The American Prospect. Yglesias is the author of three books, most recently One Billion Americans: The Case for Thinking Bigger about how the winner in the future world is going to have more — more ideas, more ambition, more utilization of resources and more people.

As well as writing, Yglesias is a podcaster where he likewise illuminates the deep roots of the things we see around us in our day to day lives. Hailing one episode as the “best roundtable podcast” of 2018, Quartz wrote that the Weeds used “Kanye West as a sort of pop-culture Trojan horse to discuss the history of black conservative politics, Trumpism, criminal justice reform, politics optics and messaging, black political activism, the role of pop culture celebrities in politics, the contemporary crises of ‘truth’ and ‘facts, and more.”

Collaborations with Vox.com’s award-winning video team have produced million-view adaptations of Yglesias articles on subjects ranging from bad street car projects to how to design a y-axis for a chart.

Yglesias is well-known for his social media presence and his Twitter feed has over 425,000 followers but also enjoys writing longform essays on topics including the long-term decay of the American political system, the underrated scourge of lead as a public health problem, and the radical recent transformation of white liberals’ understanding of race in America. He’s the author of two books, one about the politics of foreign policy and the other about housing policy, and is a frequent guest on the “All Things Considered” politics roundtable as well as other radio and television programs.

In addition to writing and broadcasting, Yglesias is a frequent public speaker. He’s done talks at schools ranging from Harvard and Yale to Middle Tennessee State University as well as business groups like the Urban Land Institute and the National Multifamily Housing Council. As with his written and audio work, Yglesias’ speaking is wide-ranging but with a primary focus on the intersection of America’s political and economic systems.

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