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Melissa  Majors

Melissa Majors

Author of The 7 Simple Habits of Inclusive Leaders


Melissa Majors has spent 25+ years of her career optimizing the business impact of education, innovation, inclusion, and leadership. She started Melissa Majors Consulting to drive better strategic decision-making in these areas and works with organizations across the country to effectively measure their inclusion and diversity performance. She has extensive experience at Meeting Professionals International, Ellucian, and other organizations in improving profitability, boosting organizational performance, and optimizing inclusion strategies. Read More >

Melissa is the author of The 7 Simple Habits of Inclusive Leaders. In this book, she reveals how great leaders enjoy superior team performance and drives much higher profitability by incorporating inclusive practices.

Melissa Majors is a crowd-pleasing speaker who masters brain-friendly talks that engage her audiences and spark not just inspiration but action as well. Founder of Melissa Majors Consulting, creator of in’klooded®, an inclusive strategic planning method that ensures all voices get heard, and Community Keynotes® an inclusive process that draws out game-changing ideas and coaching program. She is an innovator and optimizer of education, inclusion, & leadership strategies. She has dedicated her career to maximizing the business impact associated with these areas of focus.

Her firm, Melissa Majors Consulting, has extensive experience and a proven reputation for driving better business outcomes through innovative and inclusive strategic planning. She brings deep expertise in improving profitability and innovation, boosting team and organizational performance, and optimizing inclusion strategies.

Melissa has been a force of change throughout her professional career. She has served on the board of The Propel Group DFW, as the Director of Global Education at Meeting Professionals International (MPI) where she used executive leadership to drive global education strategies and develop excellence in teams. She revamped the educational division to effectively serve 500k+ clients and strategic partners as the Director, Global Education Services at Ellucian.

Melissa has been featured in publications such as Forbes Magazine, Smart Meetings, The Meeting Professional, NorthStar Meetings Group's Eventful Podcast, The Event DR, and on the keynote stage at events such as Meeting Professionals International's WEC, Matthews Asia, Orthofix, Blue Shield of CA, State Street, Institute for Internal Auditors, and many more.

Melissa has a Bachelor of Business Administration and studied strategy and innovation at Harvard University.

Melissa lives in the DFW area with her husband and two young sons. She loves the outdoors, including freshwater fishing and camping. Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

The 7 Simple Habits of Inclusive Leaders

What do inclusive leaders do? What specific actions do they take to demonstrate a commitment to inclusion? Read More >

Inclusive leadership expert Melissa Majors is an innovator and optimizer of inclusion, leadership, and education strategies. In The 7 Habits of Inclusive Leaders, she reveals how great leaders enjoy superior team performance and drive much higher profitability by incorporating inclusive practices.

These behaviors fall into seven categories: Business Process, Collaboration, Mindset, Leading Self and Others, Decisions, Values, Empathy

This discussion is for all leaders; leaders of self, people, initiatives, and organizations.

Learner Outcomes: Read Less ^

  • Identify and describe concepts such as intellectual humility, tactical empathy, and intersectionality.
  • Gain insight into the habits and tactics used by inclusive leaders.
  • Unlock access to social posts, job aides, and toolkits to help build inclusive habits.

Help Her Win: Leadership Strategies for Women’s Success

Women commonly experience unique workplace challenges due to covert competition, microaggressions, lack of sponsors and mentors, balancing authenticity and assimilation, gaining and retaining power, being heard, increased scrutiny, etc. Read More >

However, women’s success is not just a woman’s issue. Without the avid support of men, often the most influential stakeholders in many large corporations, significant progress toward ending gender disparities are unlikely.

During this talk, Melissa of Melissa Majors Consulting examines research, scenarios, and best practices for leveraging ethical leadership to mitigate barriers to women’s success. This discussion is relevant for both men and women in manager and non-manager roles.

Learner Outcomes: Read Less ^

  • Articulate the case for integrity-based leadership as it relates to mitigating common challenges women face in the workplace. Describe specific leadership tactics that can be used to overcome these issues.
  • Gain access to resources (infographics and pre-defined social posts) that can be used to continue the conversation with your network.

Busy Bosses: Leadership Lessons for Leaders Who Don’t Have Time for Leadership Lessons

Want to be an even better leader? Of course! But really, who has time to invest in leadership training? Not the leaders who need it; they’re too busy leading! Read More >

Some of the trends covered include: Prioritization, Intellectual Humility, Overcoming Fear of Conflict, Fostering Trust Across Difference, Virtual Collaboration, Tactical Empathy, Empowering Others, Inclusion, Maintaining Mental Clarity, Servant Leadership.

During this talk, Melissa Majors, CEO of Melissa Majors Consulting, synthesizes best practices for evolved leadership into a comprehensive course that you actually have time to take! This discussion is relevant for leaders of people and initiatives.

Learner Outcomes: Read Less ^

  • Demonstrate tactics associated with relevant leadership trends and best practices.
  • Describe the need for evolved leadership. Gain access to resources (infographics and pre-defined social posts) that can be used to continue the conversation with your network.