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Mike  Rayburn

Mike Rayburn

World’s Funniest Guitar Virtuoso


Mike Rayburn, the “world’s funniest guitar virtuoso,” uses his astounding guitar creations, uproarious songs, and veteran presentation skills to encourage, challenge, and inspire his audiences to leap beyond their perceived limitations. Read More >

Rayburn is one of the youngest individuals ever inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame. He has headlined on the strip in Las Vegas and is one of a handful of people in the world to have become a regular headliner at Carnegie Hall, receiving standing ovations at all eight of his command performances.

An authority on personal development and human potential, Mike Rayburn performs for the world's leading corporations and associations, using his guitar and comedy to teach three simple, powerful tools attendees can use immediately and forever to access their unrealized potential, look at old things in a new way, and leap beyond their perceived limitations. Rayburn draws from a wealth of life experience as an adventurer, business owner, comedian, world-class guitarist, author, philanthropist, husband, and father to deliver a motivational, hilarious, and musically amusing presentation. Read Less ^

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The What If? Keynote Experience

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Unlocking Amazing Potential

Creating Something New from an Existing Idea

Solving Problems with 'What If...'

Speech Topics

Become A Virtuoso: High Performance Mastery

What if one decision enhanced your client's business and teams forever…drawing a line in the sand between whatever came before, and the exponentially greater success about to come? Do you think they would want to know what it is? Read More >

In Rayburn’s brand new “Become a Virtuoso” keynote, Rayburn will take the mystery out of mastery. Each person will learn and then make “The Virtuoso Decision,” and leave with a simple, personalized action plan for becoming world class…their personal best. Music and comedy creations are integral to every Rayburn keynote experience. Recognized as a world class guitarist, Rayburn will debut his 20-string “Harp Guitar” modelling his message about high performance and becoming a virtuoso. The “Virtuoso” keynote experience will make your client's event unforgettable...and boost their bottom line!

Takeaways…attendees will learn: Read Less ^

  • The power of “deliberate practice” in leadership, business and sales.
  • What “ruthless congruence” means and why it matters to your business success.
  • How moving from “managing” to “creating” will grow your business.
  • The mindset for overcoming adversity and the inevitable obstacles you will encounter…to “Succeed Anyway.”
  • The specific practices that differentiate world class performers from everyone else.
  • What a “Virtuoso” is and why you want to dedicate your career to becoming one.

What If…? Inspiring Innovation & Performance

Speaker Mike Rayburn begins, enhances, or concludes your conference with energy, excitement, optimism, and a thirst for learning with this unique presentation. He will give your people both the passion and the tools to get the most from your conference and transform them into possibility thinkers who find opportunities where there seemed to be none. He will inspire your people to set goals that effect exponential change and will give them both the tools and the passion to implement all that they’ve learned. He will send them off with a positive shot of adrenaline! Read More >

In this presentation, attendees will learn: Read Less ^

  • Three simple, powerful tools they can use immediately and forever to access their goldmine of unrealized potential; the tools that took Rayburn from playing in bars to performing in Carnegie Hall
  • The most powerful motivational force on this planet (hint: it’s not power, money, or fame)
  • The most basic human brain function and how to harness it for positive change
  • That “managing change” is not only stupid, it's dangerous; the only way to manage change is to create change, to define the curve rather than follow it
  • How to stop majoring in minor things and overcome time poverty
  • How to set and achieve bold goals that take them as far and as high as their imagination will allow
  • The power of their sense of purpose and how to draw on it to effect exponential change
  • A simple, powerful 10-minute exercise that will show them how to become a virtuoso and master the things that matter
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