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Mwata  Dyson

Mwata Dyson

Health & Wellness Advocate / Journalist


Dr. Mwata Dyson is a well-known medical and wellness expert and he is a Senior Strategic Management Consultant for Pinnacle Quality Consultants, previously serving as a Physician Consultant for Healthgrades, Inc. Dr. Dyson is an active member of the American College of Nutrition and the National Association of Sports Medicine. His experience has led him to become a recognized authority in his industry. Dr. Dyson has appeared on national television channels such as ABC, CNN and MSNBC to discuss everything from nutrition and fitness to Michael Jackson’s death and stem cell research. Read More >

As a child, Dr. Dyson knew that he wanted to help people live healthy and happy lives. Practicing medicine in both private and academic medical centers, he grew sympathetic to the lack of training physicians have in nutrition, exercise and public health. He now leads the charge to empower people toward making informed healthcare decisions. He challenges those afraid to take risks and live out their dreams. Dr. Dyson also volunteers his expertise to nonprofit organizations, like those fighting HIV/AIDS, that donate time and resources to those individuals in need of assistance. He is an active participant in delivering free medical services to children and their family members in the United States and abroad.

A graduate of Hampton University and the Chicago Medical School, Dr. Dyson has spent more than 10 years in academic and private practice since finishing his residency in Anesthesiology at the University of Illinois. He also earned his master’s degree in healthcare policy and management from Columbia University. Dr. Dyson is a motivational speaker committed to sharing his expertise on nutrition, weight loss, stress management, disease prevention and more. He created doctordyson.com so that he could share his wealth of knowledge while instituting a personalized approach that gets results. Read Less ^

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