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Nate  Booth

Nate Booth

Consultant & Author


Nate Booth is an expert on leading through change. The author of Thriving on Change: The Art of Using Change to Your Advantage and The Diamond Touch: How to Get What You Want by Giving Others What They Uniquely Desire, Booth has helped hundreds of companies navigate tumultuous economic times. Read More >

His company, Nate Booth & Associates, creates customized training programs for corporations and associations around the world. Clients include American Express, AT&T, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Century 21, Kraft Foods, Mobil Oil, NASA, Norwest Bank, Prudential Insurance, Saturn Corporation, and the University of South Carolina School of Business.

Over the past twenty years, Booth has presented more than 1600 programs to audiences around the world. His high energy and entertaining programs are packed with information that will improve businesses and change lives.

All of Booth’s programs are customized to fit each unique audience, their current level of training and the outcomes desired. After a comprehensive discovery process (a pre-program questionnaire, a conference call with the key players, and a review of all the pertinent information on the corporation or association), he will customize a dynamic, inspirational, and enjoyable program sure to exceed all expectations.

Booth received his DDS degree from the University of Nebraska in 1991. He earned his master’s degree in counseling from the same school in 1983. From 1987 through 1997, he worked closely with Anthony Robbins in the development and delivery of corporate training programs. Read Less ^

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Thriving on Change: Six Beliefs of Success

Thriving on Change: Two Principles of Success

Speech Topics

The Diamond Touch: Leadership, Sales & Service

In today’s diverse world, you can’t take the one-size-fits-all approach to leadership, sales or service. You need The Diamond Touch, where you quickly and precisely discover the unique desires of those you lead, sell or serve. Then, whenever possible, you can give them what they want in the way they want it with your plan, product or service creating mutually beneficial relationships that stand the test of time. Read More >

In this action oriented keynote speech, Booth provides your audience with impactful strategies that will help them identify unique desires and offer employees or customers The Diamond Touch. Audiences will learn: Read Less ^

  • Why a one-size-fits-all relationship philosophy is doomed to fail in our highly individualized world
  • How to quickly get on the same wavelength with almost anyone you meet
  • The two questions you need to ask to quickly and precisely discover what people want and how they want it
  • How to use the Five Lifestyle Groups as a guide to apply The Diamond Touch
  • How to use Value Links to connect your product, service or idea to people’s unique desires
  • Four Costly Mistakes most people make when dealing with customers and clients
  • Three 60-second strategies for dealing with difficult people
  • How to consistently get what you want in life by giving others what they uniquely desire

Challenging Times Never Last – Resilient Organizations & People Do!

Some organizations and people are brittle like glass. They take the punch of challenging times and break into a thousand pieces. Some are soft like wood. Tough times strike them and make a permanent indentation. Some are resilient like a stainless steel chime. They receive the blow, change shape and bounce back while making a beautiful sound. These organizations and people know that the same set of beliefs, skills and strategies that have gotten them to where they are now will not get them to where they want to go. Booth’s Challenging Times presentation will inspire your group to tap their maximum potential in turbulent times, enabling them to reach that next level. Read More >

Audiences will leave this interactive, results oriented keynote presentation knowing: Read Less ^

  • How to hold fast to the principles and core values that serve as your foundation
  • The Eight Resiliency Attitudes that are the foundation of all resilient people
  • The success strategies organizations and individuals use to find hidden opportunities in challenging times
  • The Four Tough Times Questions you need to ask to transform every problem into an opportunity
  • How to continually learn and grow so that you are smart, quick and flexible enough to safely navigate through challenging times

Legendary Leadership in Challenging Times

Constant challenges are a fact of life in today’s turbulent business climate. Some organizations are weakened or destroyed by the tough times. Other groups accept the challenge and make the emotional and strategic choices allowing them to vigorously bounce back. More often than not, effective leaders are the ones who make the difference. In Booth’s Legendary Leadership program, your leaders will learn the essential beliefs, skills and strategies needed to bring out the very best in their people during challenging times.

The Race to the Future Begins Today

The race to the future will be won by those organizations and people who know and practice the new rules of the game. These people are smart, quick and flexible. They are prepared for the challenge and emotionally fit for the journey. Booth’s keynote presentation will give your group the inspiration to approach the starting line with eagerness; the skills to enjoyably and effectively run the race; and the vision and stamina to break the tape at the finish line. In the process, they will create the organization you desire and the lives they deserve. Read More >

Audiences will leave Booth's informative keynote speech knowing: Read Less ^

  • How to create a compelling vision of the future that will inspire people to make that vision a reality
  • How to build a solid foundation based on universal principles
  • The Three Keys to Effective Racing – Be smart. Be flexible. Be quick
  • How to consistently keep yourself and your team in resourceful attitudes
  • How to constantly improve using modeling and innovation
  • How to effectively juggle more balls and spin more plates than ever before
  • How to create a continuous BE-DO-HAVE-GIVE Cycle that will propel you to the future you desire

Thriving on Change: The Art of Using Change to Your Advantage