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Nic  Sheff

Nic Sheff

Author & Recovering Addict


Nic Sheff was drunk for the first time at age eleven. In the years that followed, he would smoke pot regularly, do cocaine and ecstasy, and develop addictions to methamphetamines and heroin. Even so, he felt like he would always be able to quit and put his life together whenever he needed to. Read More >

It took a violent relapse one summer in California to convince him otherwise. Now in his twenties, Sheff is a recovering drug addict and alcoholic who has written two memoirs, Tweak and We All Fall Down, about his experience. He has also been published in Newsweek, Nerve, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

 In a voice that is raw and honest, he spares no detail in telling the compelling, heartbreaking, and true story of his relapse and the road to recovery. He plunges into the mental and physical depths of drug addiction, painting a picture of a person at odds with his past, with his family, with his substances, and with himself. It’s a harrowing portrait—but not one without hope.

In an extraordinary turn of events his father, David Sheff, simultaneously wrote a New York Times best-selling memoir about their experience, Beautiful Boy: A Father's Journey Through His Son's Meth Addiction. Read Less ^

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