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Nina  Sossamon-Pogue

Nina Sossamon-Pogue

Motivator & Author on Resilience, Adversity & Achievement


Nina Sossamon-Pogue is a sought-after Motivational Speaker dedicated to researching and sharing how we can all become more resilient in this era of constant change, being fueled by new technology, massive amounts of new data and machine learning. She looks the intersection of the cognitive overload and our human desire to achieve, which is fueling the mental health crisis in America. Read More >

Nina was a hyper-growth tech executive, Emmy-winning television news anchor and USA Gymnast.

She is the author of two best-selling books:

This is Not the End: Strategies to Get You Through the Worst Chapters of Your Life. (2019 Morgan James Publishing) Offering a proven approach to get through devastating life events and empowering people to take control of their future.

But I Want Both: The Working Mom’s Guide to Creating a Life She Loves. (revised and updated edition to be release Fall 2023) Offering a proven approach to working and parenting for high achieving individuals.

Nina is the host of the podcast - This Seriously Sucks: The Right Podcast When Life Goes Seriously Wrong. Offering a platform for sharing strategies and coping techniques for anyone going through a tough life event. Along with her own insights, It includes the ‘overcoming’ stories of successful people who are at least 10 years past their traumatic event.

Nina enjoyed success at some of the highest levels of sport, television and corporate America. She also endured painful public failures, trauma and devastating life events, including an injury that ended her athletic career, a very public lay off from her TV job, and a devastating car accident that put her at the center of a story gripping the headlines and left her flirting with self-sabotaging and suicidal thoughts.

Often asked how she managed to rebuild and reach even higher levels of success throughout her life, she stepped away from her corporate job to develop a framework to help others. She creates content that helps people reframe adversity, strengthen resilience and emerged even stronger.

Nina brings a wealth of experience and passion to everything she does. Along with acting as CEO of her communications company, she sits on several non-profit boards, passionately works with the Alzheimer’s Association, and was named a ‘Woman of Distinction’ by the state of South Carolina. Nina inspires you to examine your future in a new way and empowers you to overcome anything that gets in your way. Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

Sustaining Your Superpowers: ‘THIS’ is Resilience

What exactly is resilience? How do you handle adversity? Adversity of all sizes is sidetracking and stressing out today’s workforce. It has whole companies working in a low gear and many of them don’t realize it. We know things don’t always go as planned, change is a constant, so let’s get really good at handling it! Read More >

Nina gets audiences to reframe how they think about a challenge and the strengths they bring to a project or team, then she gives them an elegant repeatable framework to handle any challenge they face. This presentation is an Aha! experience into the strength gained when adapting to change and a lesson in becoming an ‘expert adaptor’.

Using the word ‘THIS’ to represent each person’s challenges of all sizes, Nina shows audiences how to put ‘THIS’ in its place and handle the anxiety and stress that ‘THIS’ creates.

Audiences learn: their own style for handling adversity, their Reverse Resume, and the Resilience framework, so the next time something doesn’t go as planned, no matter how big that challenge is, They can handle THIS! Read Less ^

You’re Wired for ‘THIS’: Resilience for High Achievers

A session for all the smart humans doing the hard work! The contributors who are setting goals, hitting KPIs and making their quarterly numbers can be the most stressed! When you are the one up early, doing the job and juggling it all, the challenges (the THIS’s) can overwhelm you. Nina shares an Aha! lesson in being a high achiever and gives audiences a framework to handle adversity of all sizes. Read More >

Choosing not to take the easy path or sit on the sidelines and watch others have success, thrusts you into the constant stress-cycle of achievement.

Nina takes audiences from feeling they’re ‘stuck in the spin’ of this technologically advancing era and its an immense cognitive load, to feeling ‘excited to be on the ride’ and harnessing the momentum. This powerful session is packed with actionable insights to increase productivity and improve culture.

Nina taps into the FOMO and imposter syndrome created by peers on LinkedIn, Instagram influencers, Facebook friends, plus uncovers the Machine Learning that has today’s hard worker in a constant feedback loop telling them they ‘still aren’t good enough’! Using her own very public successes and failures as a backdrop, she helps audiences embrace the constant stress that comes with success.

Audiences learn about: The High Achiever Success Cycle, Their Reverse Resume, Why time seems to be moving faster, and the Resilience framework to handle challenges ahead. Read Less ^

Resilience 101: ‘THIS’ is the Superpower You Need for Success

*For High School and College Audiences Read More >

Success isn’t simple. The one constant in life is change, so learning to handle it like a pro is a key to your success. Unless you plan to sit on the sidelines and watch someone else succeed, you are in the game, and knowing what to do when things don’t go as planned is like having a cheat code!

Nina gets young audiences to think in new ways about the highs and lows that will come with trying to succeed in today’s technology infused, FOMO world. Using her own stories as a successful athlete in high school and college, her years being ‘popular’ on TV, and decade as a ‘successful’ Tech executive, Nina shares the failures that accompanied her success and takes young audiences into their own possible futures full of successes and failures.

A parent of three recent college grads, Nina’s talk is current and taps into today’s digital overload, constant connectivity, machine learning, FOMO culture. Audiences facing the stress of being a human in this era of hyper-advancing technology are empowered to take control of their cognitive load, be themselves in a comparative culture and get excited about all the different ways their futures could play out.

Audiences learn: Why Resilience became such a buzz word, How adapting during change creates mental strength, Why time seems to move faster as they get older, and the Resilience framework, so when things don’t go their way in the future, they know, They can handle THIS! Read Less ^

Resilient Leadership: The Plot Twist from Hero to Villain & Back Again

*For leaders dealing with Change Read More >

This is leadership for the long haul! Leaders are writing their own success story while they are an integral part of a company’s success story.

Being the one in charge comes with making decisions that affects others, so sometimes a leader inadvertently becomes the villain in someone else’s story.

Nina takes leaders on a journey of self-discovery into the story of their own life and the character they play in ‘other people’s stories’ during the highs and the lows.

Tapping into her own successes and failures, 10+ years on a leadership team, and crisis management best-practices, Nina shares her Four C’s, to ensure “the Character you portray is aligned with your Character”. Read Less ^


Nina is an experienced event host/emcee. With a passion for preparation, she blends your corporate messaging, corporate culture and event themes into her delivery so your event is on message and your audience is engaged. She is a professional you can trust with your audience and she gracefully controls a room to ensure your event stays in track.

Moderator/’Fireside Chat’ Host

Nina is an expert interviewer or panel moderator who connects with your participants and makes everyone feel comfortable, confident and heard. Her award winning journalism skills, plus 12 years in corporate meetings, make Nina uniquely qualified for this role. You can trust her to diligently prepare and ensure your session delivers the message you need and ensure your session wraps up on time and on a strong note.