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Nina  Sossamon-Pogue

Nina Sossamon-Pogue

Motivator & Author on Resilience, Adversity & Achievement


Nina Sossamon-Pogue is sought-after speaker and author on resilience, adversity and achievement. A former member the USA Gymnastics team, she became an award-winning journalist and television news anchor, then left TV for tech and was on the leadership team of a technology company during its hyper-growth expansion and highly a successful IPO. Her ability to adapt in a positive way each time her life took a turn, lead her to research and write about resilience. Read More >

Having enjoyed success at some of the highest levels of sport, television, and corporate America, and endured some very public failures and devastating life events, she shares a proven framework for resilience. She is the author of the best-selling book, This is Not the End: Strategies to Get You Through the Worst Chapters of Your Life, in which she offers strategies to handle life’s hardships so you can control your own destiny. Sossamon-Pogue is also the host of the podcast This Seriously Sucks, the Right Podcast When Life Goes Seriously Wrong and inspires audiences to think of their futures in new ways.

As the CEO of NSP Communications, she founded Nclusion.Speak, a keynote collaboration with DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) speakers to help audiences adapt in a positive way to the call for inclusion that is happening in our society.

Sossamon-Pogue is a graduate of Louisiana State University and was on the LSU gymnastics team. She has three ‘adulting’ college graduates and enjoys her empty nest in Charleston, South Carolina with her husband Ben Pogue. Read Less ^

Speech Topics

THIS: From Adversity to Achievement - Strategies to Succeed at the Highest Levels

Organizations can be liberated from the restrictive forces of adversity and uncertainty when their people can recover quickly and ultimately grow stronger through challenges and change. Using ‘THIS’ to represent adversity of all sizes, Nina take audiences to the intersection of personal and professional resilience. Read More >

Give your attendees a dynamic multi-media experience that shows them: Read Less ^

  • Their style of facing adversity
  • Their role in their own success and their corporation’s success
  • How to power through day-to-day challenges and stay on track
  • New strategies to increase their productivity and job satisfaction

Resilience Is Not a Destination

We were all asked to be more resilient—now what? Where does the pandemic fit into our stories and how did it change us all? Nina shares how we all adjusted, adapted and became more resilient, then, uses big data, analogies and stories to empower audiences with strategies to use their new superpowers in the future. Nina’s message is inspiring, empowering and personalized for each audience. It has been a hit in person and virtually.

You’ve Got THIS - Empowering You to Handle Anything Life Throws at You

This multimedia presentation hits home for an audience of one hundred or one thousand. An engaging storyteller, Nina shares her journey of success in the highest levels of sport, television, and corporate America. She also opens up about her painful public failures and devastating life events along the way. Read More >

Using her own story as a backdrop, she inspires audiences to see that even when things look really bad and you are not sure if you can keep going, there is a way forward; not just to survive but to thrive! Nina shares a proven framework to conquer adversity and teaches you how to overcome challenges, of all sizes. This knowledge allows you to gain strength from each obstacle on your way to success. Bringing a wealth of experience and passion to the stage, Nina inspires you to examine your future in a new way. Read Less ^