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Olivia  Troye

Olivia Troye

White House Coronavirus Task Force Whistleblower

Olivia Troye

White House Coronavirus Task Force Whistleblower


“I’m Olivia Troye. I was homeland security and counterterrorism advisor to Vice President Pence and served as Vice President Pence’s lead staff member on the COVID-19 response…”

So began the bombshell video testimonial in which Troye, a high-level, behind-the-scenes White House official, blew the whistle on President Trump and accused him of failing to protect the American people.

“Towards the middle of February, we knew that it wasn’t a matter of if COVID would become a big pandemic here in in the United States,” she said. “It was a matter of when. But the President didn’t want to hear that because his biggest concern was that we were in an election year and how was this going to affect what he considered his record of success…The truth is that he doesn’t care about anything else but himself.”

For Troye, this act of speaking out to protect the American people was a moral and ethical choice deeply rooted in years spent at the highest levels of national security, working on the most complex issues and crisis responses of our time. During her tenure in the White House, she was responsible for tracking and covering all imminent and evolving domestic and international security threats, natural disaster events, and managing complex policy decisions and responses to large scale crisis events facing the American people. Prior to this role, Troye served in the Office of Intelligence & Analysis at the Department of Homeland Security as Chief of Strategy, Policy & Plans. Troye has also served on the leadership staffs in the Department of Defense, the National Counterterrorism Center, and the Department of Energy. She has also worked in the private sector for organizations such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and General Dynamics Information Technology. Like many patriotic Americans, she entered government service after 9/11, serving in the Pentagon as a Bush Administration appointee. Troye currently serves as an adviser for Defending Democracy Together, an advocacy organization created by lifelong conservatives and Republicans. She was also named as #2 on InStyle’s list of “50 Badass Women.” 

A first-generation Mexican American from El Paso, Texas, Troye is fluent in Spanish and entered kindergarten unable to speak English. Through the power of education, she became the first in her family to attend college. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, the National Defense University’s College of International Security Affairs, and the Naval Postgraduate School's Center for Homeland Defense and Security.

In an age of political division, Olivia Troye challenges all of us to put country over party for both the good of the nation and the safety of the American people. Her story inspires us to stand up for our convictions, be true to ourselves, and always do the right thing—even when it could mean losing everything.

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Speech Topics

Doing the Right Thing. Even When It Costs Everything.

“I walked away and realized that, for them, it was about politics. To me, it was about life. They were so focused on winning the election. But for me, it was about Americans dying.” -Olivia Troye

When Olivia Troye blew the whistle on President Trump’s failure to protect Americans from COVID, she was warned, “You’ll never work in Washington again.” In the days, weeks, and months that followed her resignation from the COVID-19 task force and as Vice President Pence’s national security advisor, Troye received death threats, had longtime friends cut ties, and saw her name vilified in social media. Thankfully, she also received grateful messages from ordinary Americans praising her as a role model for their children. In this unforgettable keynote, Olivia shares her personal journey to becoming one of the most notable government whistleblowers in recent American history. "I took on the president, the most powerful man in the country," she says. "Because even if it means giving everything up, it's important to do the right thing for the greater good." What does it mean when you follow your moral compass to do what’s right, not what’s easy? How does it feel to put your career, reputation and relationships on the line? Troye examines the journey that led to the most important decision of her career—and her choice to let her ethics, values and commitment to protecting the American people overtake her personal fears.

Political Outlook

In January of 2021, Olivia Troye was ranked as #2 on InStyle Magazine’s annual list of 50 “Badass Women” for her decision to speak out about the Trump administration’s mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic. But long before this highly visible event, Troye was one of a very small group of women to make it to the highest echelons of the U.S. national security community—often as the only woman at the table or in the situation room. Troye’s on-call 24/7 portfolio included protecting the American people against international and domestic terrorism, mass shootings, bombings, organized crime, national disasters, and most recently, COVID-19.  In this empowering talk, Troye shares life lessons on breaking through barriers and succeeding as a woman in a man’s world—even when personal success meant standing by her principles and walking away from everything she had worked for.

The Future of the Republican Party

A lifelong Republican who identifies as a “McCain Republican,” Olivia Troye now also describes herself as a “Recovering Republican.”  Still fiercely loyal to the values of the GOP, she is actively working to reform it from within as Co-Director of the Republican Accountability Project. In this timely talk, Troye examines the political landscape after Trump, the players that are shaping the GOP’s future, the road to 2024, and how Republicans must work together to restore the GOP as the party of integrity for future generations.

National Security Briefing: America’s Enemies Within

For years, the U.S. has been focused on external threats. Today, domestic terrorists are radicalizing Americans online, presenting a clear and present danger that eclipse Al Qaeda or Isis. As the attack on the Capitol showed, these groups are mobilizing their followers to take action—with tragic results. Leveraging more than two decades providing strategic policy guidance and expertise to Cabinet-level officials and private sector executives in intelligence, counterterrorism, homeland security, risk management and international affairs, Olivia Troye takes a hard look at the most dangerous threats to our nation, including domestic, global and cyber terrorism and risks to our nation’s infrastructure. Adapting her talk to the audience’s areas of concern, she provides a comprehensive overview, including insightful analysis and recommendations.

Reflections of a First-Generation Mexican American

As the daughter of a Mexican immigrant and first-generation college student, Olivia Troye is proof that hard work and dedication can pave the way toward realizing one’s personal definition of the American Dream. Born in El Paso, Texas, she grew up in two worlds, entering kindergarten unable to speak English, enjoying her Quinceañera surrounded by the love and pride of her Mexican family, but ambitious to follow her dreams. Hard work and the power of education took Olivia out of El Paso to the complete culture shock of college in Philadelphia. Later, it propelled her to the White House itself, where she achieved her dream to serve  her country at the highest levels of the national security community. In this touching talk, Olivia remembers the proud patriotism of her parents, her journey out of El Paso, and how her Hispanic heritage became a source of strength as she overcame the many challenges faced as a first generation American.