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One Race, One People, One Peace

One Race, One People, One Peace

A Theatrical Performance


Even before 9/11 we were a hurting nation.  Torn by prejudice and poverty of spirit, we have become cynical in our prosperity.  We have made hate normal.  We have forgotten that we are one race, one human race.  In our efforts to move toward diversity, we have created tension, and honest dialogue seems impossible.  We need a bridge to bring diverse people together in a forum for understanding and dialogue.  “One Race, One People, One Peace” is that bridge.  Read More >

This thoughtful, moving performance is full of humor, drama, and truth that moves past catch phrases and political correctness to powerful portrayals of the struggles and triumphs of the human spirit.  The one-hour show uses video, poetry, improvisation and moving theater to highlight the power of dialogue and the healing that comes from reconciliation. Segments are constantly being added, updated and archived, making this an ever evolving, up to the moment fluid presentation that literally responds to the pressing topics effecting issues of diversity and multiculturalism

“One Race” takes an honest look at prejudice, racism, homophobia and terrorism through poignant monologues and poetic scenes written and directed by James Chapmyn, nationally known for his groundbreaking work with plays like “Our Young Black Men Are Dying,” “Nobody Seems to Care,” and “Womyn With Wings.” Read Less ^

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One Race, One People, One Peace: A Performance