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Paul   Epstein

Paul Epstein

Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author & WHY Coach

Paul Epstein

Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author & WHY Coach


Paul Epstein has spent nearly 15 years as a professional sports executive for multiple NFL and NBA teams, a global sports agency, and the NFL league office, where he has broken every premium revenue metric in Super Bowl history, opened a billion-dollar stadium, and founded the San Francisco 49ers Talent Academy, where he became known as the “Why Coach.”

Epstein has since continued his leadership journey coaching and consulting Fortune 500 executives, founders, CEOs, MBAs and professional athletes - earning accolades as a top thought leader that gets results by Success Magazine, with his work featured in USA Today, ESPN, NBC, Entrepreneur, and Fox Business.

When he’s not on stage as a global keynote speaker, Epstein puts his insights to daily practice, serving as chief impact officer for PurposePoint and senior advisor for the Why Institute. He is also the best-selling author of The Power of Playing Offense and is slated to launch his second book in 2023, Better Decisions Faster.

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Playing Offense On Purpose

Chase The Storm

Paul Epstein | The Purpose Summit 2022 at the University of Notre Dame

Pillar 4 Embody Gold Jacket Culture

Pillar 5: Leave It Better Than You Found It

Speech Topics

The Power of Playing Offense in Defensive Environments: How to Lead with Courage & Inspire Confidence

Leading during uncertainty is daunting. Leading during an economic winter is even harder. The only way out is through…the only way out is by playing offense. Playing offense is a playbook designed to inspire actionable change…to win one day, one decision, and one action at a time. It starts by tactical takeaways to Win Monday.

Actionable Outcomes

  • Identify the keys to attracting, engaging, and retaining talent
  • Inspire key talent to leverage purpose as a driver of commitment and performance
  • Learn to build an environment of intrinsic motivation, no carrots or sticks required
  • Cultivate a culture of grit and resilience to endure any climate
  • Understand the best and ‘next practices’ of trust building, empathy, and belonging
  • Walk away with a 5-pillar framework from leading teams in the NFL/NBA, and how it applies to your organization

How to Make Better Decisions Faster: Mastering the Head-Heart-Hands Equation

In a world in which the average adult makes 35,000 decisions a day, even elite performers can rush to bad judgments, become paralyzed by indecision, or get worn down by decision fatigue.

This keynote offers a streamlined three-step process to avoid those traps and move purposefully toward your goals by efficiently making our MVDs (most valuable decisions) such as:

  • Strategy A or B
  • Hire or fire
  • Spend time on X or Y
  • Do the deal or don’t

The secret weapon in this fight is the Head-Heart-Hands Equation: a simple and repeatable three-step process that taps into the primal power of our three most basic human tools make any decision better and faster.

Actionable Outcomes

  • Flip fear and uncertainty into clarity and confidence
  • Empower leaders and talent to become highly decisive, aware, and intentional in their actions
  • Acquire an operating framework designed for speed, efficiency, and winning time back
  • Learn a simple, holistic method to promote personal and professional well-being
  • Build high-trust teams through heightened authenticity and collaboration
  • Leave with a playbook where everybody knows what to say “yes” to and what to say “no” to

Building a WHY Centered Culture: How 9 WHYs can Build Trust, Collaboration & Winning Teams

Learn directly from the “Why Coach” of the San Francisco 49ers himself. From finding his WHY to coaching it to others, Paul has now partnered with the WHY Institute to tap into the 9 possible WHYs that exist in the workplace.

Imagine the possibilities when you know how each team member thinks, operates, and WHY they show up the way they do. The truth is each WHY has a superpower…and a kryptonite. Until you know your entire locker room through the lens of their WHY, there will always be an artificial ceiling on the level of trust, connection, engagement, and relationships that are possible. By the end of this experience, you’ll shatter through that ceiling, and realize the true potential of a winning locker room.

Actionable Outcomes

  • Reveal each team member’s WHY following a custom 5-minute assessment
  • Understand how each WHY can be a competitive edge or dangerous weapon
  • Learn which WHYs connect best to specific roles and functions
  • Integrate each WHY to job craft around each person’s superpowers
  • Know where the WHY-to-WHY frictions will predictably be within your team
  • Leverage the WHY to communicate and collaborate more effectively