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Paul J. Long

Paul J. Long

The F.U.N Speaker


What’s GOOD?! How do today’s best companies accelerate business results? By engaging their employees, celebrating all that’s GOOD and creating a culture of experience that empowers their workforce to create joy, FUN and fulfillment. Paul Long is a speaker, author, podcaster and master of shenanigans. He has developed a concept called Fundamism, simply defined as the FUNdamentals of a F.U.N. and optimistic lifestyle. When implemented, Paul’s philosophy has been proven to reduce attrition, attract great talent, improve customer experience and drive employee engagement. Paul is not only great in discussing operational growth theory, but in his corporate leadership experience he’s also seen success putting his FUNdamentals into practice. Read More >

As the author of Fundamism: Connecting to Life Through F.U.N. Paul guides you on how to live your whole life—at work and at home—with joy, FUN and fulfillment as the driving force. The book does so through Paul’s entertaining real-life stories, researched-based recommendations, and practical exercises.

He travels the world delivering high-content keynotes and training to Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and trade associations. His engaging, inspirational and unbridled energetic style is unlike any speaker you’ve experienced before. Paul’s thought-provoking content, tactical solutions for growth and humor that rivals that of a stand-up comedian consistently generates outstanding feedback from participants.
Paul challenges audiences to move beyond the traditional avenues of achieving happiness — money, title, status — and develop their own core values that create fulfillment both at work and home. Read Less ^

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Connecting Life Through F.U.N

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Connecting the Workplace & Life Through F.U.N.

Organizations around the globe are challenged right now to create engaging experiences in a society heavily dependent on virtual interactions. Speaker, author, podcaster and master of shenanigans, Paul Long leverages his concept of "Fundamism" to deliver a live keynote, virtual experience or workshop unlike anything you've experienced before. Read More >

Paul's message will lead you through a wealth of emotions as you laugh, think, and have FUN as a team. Through his FUNdamentals, Paul will empower you to make strides in improving your quality of life at home and work. When applied, these tactical behaviors are proven to create more joy, FUN and fulfillment in life while improving key performance indicators like customer experience, employee engagement, performance and a whole host of others.

At a time where society appears to be more focused on what's not working as opposed to what is, embrace the opportunity to experience "what's GOOD!" Read Less ^

Leveraging Fundamism Through Seasons of Change

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that there has been a 13% rise in mental health conditions over the last decade. That number doesn’t even reflect the most recent challenges our world has faced. Individuals around the globe are longing for human connection in an environment that’s leaning more heavily on virtual interactions. Read More >

What commitment are you willing to make to help your staff or members create more meaningful relationships to improve mindset, productivity and organizational culture? Ultimately, focusing more on what’s GOOD, as opposed to what isn’t?

Leveraging Fundamism Through Seasons of Change provides participants real-life, tactical methods that will help generate improved quality of life. If (according to the WHO) approximately one in five people in post- conflict settings have a mental health condition, we should prepare ourselves with how to effectively handle these situations in a time riddled with conflict. Arming individuals with the necessary techniques to interrupt negative brain patterns and replace them with thoughts of joy, FUN and fulfillment could be a life-altering moment for many in your organization. Read Less ^

The Fundamentals of Meaningful Leadership

Businesses across the globe are actively seeking answers in how to create an engaged workforce with a meaningful organizational culture. Contrary to popular belief, everyone is motivated by something, even millennials! In this program, Paul Long introduces his concept of Fundamism while explaining how it can help combat negativity in the workplace, improve customer experience and promote employee satisfaction. Read More >

The Fundamism philosophy can be applied by all, so motivation is ultimately created not only from the top down, but the bottom up. As a result, this 60-minute keynote is ideal for organizations looking to empower their team while promoting individual accountability in creating workplace fulfillment.

Participants can expect to leave this experience feeling inspired and empowered with clarity in the role each individual has in creating their own happiness. By looking internally rather than placing blame elsewhere, employees will take greater initiative and an increased sense of pride in achieving desired outcomes. (Also effective as a breakout.) Read Less ^