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Randy  Pennington

Randy Pennington

Expert in Leadership & Change Management

Randy Pennington

Expert in Leadership & Change Management



Randy Pennington helps leaders make the changes and build cultures they need to achieve positive results in a world of accelerating change. Randy has worked with many of this country’s best -managed organizations as well as numerous associations and government agencies. Additionally, Randy serves as an adjunct instructor in the Cox Business Leadership Center at Southern Methodist University.

Randy is author or three books: Make Change Work, named the 2013 best general business book by USA Book News; Results Rule!®, named the 2007 best general business book by USA Book News; and On My Honor, I Will, which Ross Perot described as having “cracked the code of great leadership.”

Pennington’s expertise has made him an internationally respected guest commentator with appearances on CNN, PBS, Fox News, the ABC Radio Network, and the BBC. His ideas have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Entrepreneur, Executive Excellence, Training & Development, in numerous newspapers, and many professional/trade association journals.

Randy’s background is a unique blend of line, staff, and consulting experience ranging from hourly employee to senior management. He holds a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Psychology and has completed Postgraduate work in Organization Administration and Management.

A dedicated volunteer leader, Randy is past Chairman of the Board for the American Heart Association, Texas Affiliate and the National Speakers Association Foundation Board of Trustees. Randy was also a founding member of the Texas Council for Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke.

He was inducted into the National Speakers Association Speaker Hall of Fame in 2009.

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Flourish™: Winning in a World of Upheaval & Uncertainty

Are you prepared for the seismic shifts redefining business? Will you be relevant in a world transformed by rapid change and globalization?


Tomorrow’s winners will master seven unique behaviors and competencies that enable them to stay ahead of change, add value to customers, and sustain a cohesive, focused culture.


Flourish™ blends the current realities of radical change with over 20 years of in-the-trenches experience helping individuals and organizations deliver positive results. The presentation is tailored for two different audiences and customized for your organization.


Flourish™ for Everyone: This session, designed for individuals from the front-line to senior managers, provides the strategies and mindset needed to thrive in the face of constant upheaval and uncertainty.


  • Learn how global forces and technological advances affect what you do today and how you will work tomorrow
  • Seven competencies that you must master to flourish in the workplace of the future
  • Three steps to take right now to ensure that you remain relevant in the future


Flourish™ for Leaders: This session provides leaders with the strategies and mindset they must model and develop to create and sustain an organization that thrives in the future.


  • Discover how global forces and technological advances affects the environment in which your organization competes
  • Seven competencies that your organization must master to flourish in the future
  • Three steps to take today to guarantee your team’s success tomorrow