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Ravi  Sharma

Ravi Sharma

Mental Health Activist, Founder, Investor & Dad

Ravi Sharma

Mental Health Activist, Founder, Investor & Dad


Ravi Sharma is a mental health activist, investor, and fourth-time entrepreneur. He has incubated and invested in numerous technology startups (including multiple mental health startups) through his family office (iBOS Ventures) and is currently the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of a new mental health platform called OOTify.

Prior to OOTify, Ravi was one of the youngest portfolio managers at the award-winning investment manager, Western Asset Management Co. (Western Asset) and was personally responsible for approximately $1.3 billion AUM (assets under management).

Prior to Western Asset, he worked at PNMAC Capital Management, Arch Bay Capital, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Mr. Sharma completed his education at the University of Southern California.

Ravi has lost two family members and a dear friend to suicide; and after navigating the fragmented healthcare system for years, decided to build a platform (OOTify.com) that could solve the structural and systemic problems in our mental healthcare system.

Speaker Videos

Democratizing Access to Mental Healthcare

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Speech Topics

Idea to Exit

Ravi can cover from his experience as a 4X time founder how to start a company, build a team and manage mental health during that journey.

Founder Passion

Ravi can talk about how to find your passion, take calculated risks and pursue your dreams while ensuring you have  the right mental health fitness for optimal performance.

Recruiting Talent

How to spot good talent, cultivate it and motivation when building and build a culture of mental health.

Mental Fitness

How to encourage employees to prioritize their mental health to optimally perform at work and at home.

Technology & Wellness

What are the resources and tools available in tech that can help you be a better manager.

Values Eat Strategy for Breakfast

Creating a culture of mental health with values that everyone can get behind.