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Richard  Turner

Richard Turner

World Renowned Card Magician & Subject of the Award-Winning Film, Dealt


Richard Turner, the world’s greatest card magician of all time, has mesmerized millions, leaving celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Colin Powell and Muhammad Ali awestruck. What makes Turner’s feats of magic and sleight of hand even more astounding is that he is completely blind. His remarkable life story of overcoming adversity to rise above sighted “card mechanics” is the subject of the award-winning documentary, Dealt and is under development to become a major Hollywood film. Dubbed “one of the finest sleight-of-hand artists who has ever lived,” by none other than master magician Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller, Turner blends pearls of wisdom on overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles with the most enthralling card performances you will ever experience. Read More >

Turner’s childhood dream of becoming a world-class card shark would have seemed unachievable when, at age nine, a degenerative disease destroyed his retinas and left him blind. Instead, the loss of his sight made Richard even more determined to “succeed with the hand that life had dealt him.” Through constant practice, in which a deck of cards rarely left his hands, Turner developed a superhuman sense of touch or “tactile vision.” Combined with his amazing showmanship and unparalleled skill, he rose to the top in the world of magic, winning the Golden Lion Magic Award in 1982. For decades, Turner headlined shows around the world and was featured on television. This included a very notable appearance on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us, where he “fooled” the celebrated magicians faster than anyone in the show’s history. In both 2014 and 2018, Turner won the Academy of Magical Arts’ coveted “Close Up Magician of the Year Award,” the equivalent of the Oscar in the world of magic.

Constantly refusing to surrender to limitations, he also earned a sixth-degree black belt in karate, hunted sharks, dove off cliffs and created a series of board and puzzle games and best-selling DVD series. Inspired by the audience’s response to his inspiring story of “turning life’s curses into challenges,” he also developed D.E.A.L.T. (Dreams, Excellence, Analysis, Loyalty, Tenacity) a life philosophy that has propelled him into the ranks of Fortune 500 motivational speakers.

Turner also launched a biography series that he is calling a “BioVlog.” It is “dealt” out in small episodes that touch on the risky mental and physical challenges of martial arts fighting, shark hunting, cliff-diving, trapeze swinging and the high stakes of underworld gambling. Further, he shares how he conquered blindness, substance abuse and other demons to eventually realize amazing success.

Combining magic and motivation with stories of his inspirational life and outlandish times, Turner customizes his content to highlight the messages, challenges and objectives of any organization. From auditoriums where his card magic is projected onto a large screen to smaller, more intimate events, Turner’s unique and unforgettable talks entertain, astound and leave audiences inspired to achieve any goal. Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

Winning with the Hand You’ve Been Dealt

World-renowned card magician Richard Turner not only talks about achieving the impossible, but he also demonstrates it with his legendary sleight of hand. Performing feats with a deck of cards that would be impressive for a sighted magician, Turner — who has been completely blind since childhood — leaves audiences awestruck. All the while, he weaves in his philosophy (D.E.A.L.T.: Dreams, Excellence, Analysis, Loyalty, Tenacity) and tales from his inspirational life and “outlandish times.” These include being summoned to perform by Muhammad Ali, wowing Brad Pitt, earning a sixth-degree black belt and shark hunting. With a personal mantra of “no limitations” for everything he does, Turner inspires audiences to do the same. From Fortune 500 events to a tour of China and an acclaimed documentary about his life, his unique combination of magic and motivation is inspiring, entertaining and leaves audiences ready to take on the impossible.