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Robin  Chase

Robin Chase

​Founder & Former CEO, Zipcar, Buzzcar & GoLoco; Executive Chairman, Veniam Works & Author


Robin Chase, the founder and former CEO of Zipcar, unpacks the underlying principles that enabled a startup to transform an industry. She is one of the pioneers of the sharing economy. Read More >

Since their inception, Zipcar, GoLoco and Buzzcar have been seen as disruptive and innovative: they used technology and marketing to change the way people own and use cars; they changed the ways cities are lived in and built; they changed prejudices about the incompatibility of environmentalism and capitalism. Innovator Robin Chase helps individuals, companies and government understand where to look for innovation and how to enable it. She explores how rethinking “excess capacity” can be combined with technology and platforms for participation to unlock innovation, new profit centers and ultimately lead us to a sustainable planet.

In 2009, Robin was honored by TIME magazine as one of the year's 100 Most Influential People. Craig Newmark wrote: "Robin's work illustrates what's best about people using the Internet: not well-intentioned yet futile do-goodism but business that's also a community service. It's about people using the Internet to work together in the service of one another." She has been frequently featured in the major media including Today, The New York Times, National Public Radio, Newsweek and TIME magazines, as well as several books on entrepreneurship. She is author of Peers Inc: How People and Platforms Are Inventing the Collaborative Economy and Reinventing Capitalism (PublicAffairs, 2015). Read Less ^

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TEDTalk: BIF-8

Speech Topics

People-Powered Innovation

As the rates of innovation and disruption increase, a new organizational framework, Peers Inc., provides a way of reducing innovation risk, and increasing confidence in decision making. By enabling innovation—1) creating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship; 2) reducing barriers and costs to experimentation; and 3) reducing the costs of the innovation inputs—government and big companies can make it possible for people to do the changing themselves. In this talk, Robin Chase—founder of car-sharing service Zipcar—discusses people-powered innovation.

The Future of Transportation

Technology is transforming the ease and convenience of accessing a car instead of owning it, and cities are getting fed up with valuable city streets being clogged with idle parked cars and vehicles in motion holding just one person. Read More >

Zipcar, Uber and Lyft, transit apps, and autonomous vehicle pilots are all signs of the incredible disruption that is upon us. The future is going to be multi-modal, shared, and ultimately automated.

What will this future look like? How soon is it coming? What are the implications for cities and the 20% of the economy that is driven by the automotive sector? Read Less ^

Collaborative Economy

Sharing is good! An unlikely partnership is creating the smartest, biggest and strongest companies. People working on platforms mean efficiently used resources, co-investment from others, low-cost innovation and very fast learning.