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Pascal  Finette

Pascal Finette

Vice President of Singularity University (SU) Labs, Entrepreneurship Chair & Global Evangelist, Author of The Heretic: Daily Therapeutics for Entrepreneurs


Pascal Finette draws you into a spellbinding future where artificial intelligence, robotics, synthetic biology and other exponential technologies solve humanity’s greatest challenges. His masterful presentations make sense of our rapidly accelerating and converging world — cutting through the noise, synthesizing the essentials, and connecting the dots to prepare your company or career for the exciting opportunities ahead. Read More >

Whether he’s teaching, speaking or “wrangling unicorns,” Pascal lives at the forefront of entrepreneurship, technology, global impact and the magic that happens when they all intersect.  At Singularity University, he heads up “everything entrepreneurship” and leads breakthrough thinking at SU Labs, where Silicon Valley’s brightest minds are leveraging exponential technologies to transform the world. He also serves as Singularity’s Global Evangelist, interpreting SU’s vision of the future to C-level and Fortune 500 leaders in small private groups.  Pascal is also Chief Heretic at TheHeretic.org, where he writes a widely popular and highly opinionated daily newsletter. His new book, The Heretic: Daily Therapeutics for Entrepreneurs features the best of his top 100 posts edited into short, digestible and unfiltered insights. Before SU, Pascal spent his career pushing the boundaries of technology.  He started on the Net before there was a web browser, founded several European startups, led eBay’s Platform Solutions Group in Europe, launched a consulting firm helping entrepreneurs with their strategy and operations, and invested in early-stage tech startups. As the head of Mozilla Labs, he led innovations at the very edge of what is possible on the web, including the first global open source accelerator program. He also headed up Mozilla’s Office of the Chair and invested in social impact organizations around the globe at Google.org. Along the way, Pascal also founded the nonprofit organizations Mentor for Good, POWERUP and The Coaching Fellowship and started the GyShiDo (Get Your S%#& Done) movement.

A positive, optimistic and engaging speaker, Pascal is known for capturing full attention and keeping audiences at the edge of their seats. His TED-style talks are highly visual, with compelling imagery and typography that reflect his background in graphic design. Known for visionary predictions, intriguing insights and high level perspective, Pascal leaves audiences excited about the future and ready for a rapidly changing world. Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

Tomorrow Today: An Introduction to Exponentials

Pascal Finette takes you on a roller coaster ride to an exponential future where AI, robotics, synthetic biology, 3D printing and other technologies converge. Along the way, he shares the untold stories and insights of Silicon Valley’s most important technologists and previews the most influential technologies of the next 10 years. This whirlwind tour of the future will shift your thinking from linear to exponential and your mindset from scarcity to abundance — envisioning a future where humanity’s greatest challenges are overcome.

The Heretic: Advice for Entrepreneurs That Motivate Us All

In his highly inspiring book and widely read e-newsletter, “The Heretic,” Pascal Finette provides “daily therapeutics” to tens of thousands of readers around the globe. His humorous, uplifting, opinionated and practical advice for entrepreneurs resonates with anyone who leads, innovates, takes risks, deals with failure, motivates others, dares to be different, or is searching for greater meaning in their daily work. Acknowledging that all the struggles, disappointments and frustrations are what will help us grow and achieve, Pascal inspires us as individuals and teams with personal stories, anecdotes and insights from the crazy and exhilarating world of Silicon Valley, entrepreneurship and business today.

The Start Up Way: What Every Business Can Learn from Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs

In his many roles at Singularity University, Pascal Finette has an enviable view of how Silicon Valley’s top entrepreneurs think and act, what makes a unicorn a unicorn, and how every business can learn from the “Start Up Way.” Based on SU’s work with organizations ranging from early stage start ups to the Fortune 50, Pascal shares invaluable discoveries and insights into the common success factors across the spectrum. No matter what stage your business is at, or how large your organization is, you’ll learn valuable lessons that will make you more nimble, innovative and ahead of the curve.

Leveraging Collaborative Innovation & Open Source

In a connected world, the way we innovate and do business is changing rapidly and radically. By embracing the "wisdom of the crowds" and co-creating with customers and suppliers, we can tap into a resource that was never before possible: a universe of experts and an infinitely deeper and wider talent pool. Singularity’s Pascal Finette explores why organizations that adopt these principles are outcompeting the market and their much larger and better-resourced rivals. Drawing upon his experiences at Mozilla, the pioneer at leveraging its open source roots, Pascal explores the unlikely success story of the Firefox web browser (now used by more than 500 million worldwide) and emerging trends today. You’ll learn what works, what’s next and how to leverage these essential competitive advantages in your own organization.

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