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Sarah Bloom Raskin

Sarah Bloom Raskin

Former Deputy Treasury Secretary & Federal Reserve Board Governor


The highest ranking woman ever to serve at the Treasury Department, Sarah Bloom Raskin demystifies the role of government in the economy, providing invaluable insights into the minds and mindsets of those controlling the powerful policy levers in Washington. Rare among government officials for her experience as both second-in-command at Treasury and as a Governor on the Federal Reserve Board, Raskin shaped both monetary and fiscal policy during an historic time of extreme financial distress, recession, regulatory reform and eventual recovery. Read More >

As the uncommon non-PhD economist at the highest level of the Fed and Treasury, she brought fresh and innovative ways of interpreting data and evaluating indicators at a time when cadres of PhDs were being criticized for missing the warning signs that led to the financial crisis. Raskin’s unconventional approaches included going “undercover” as a job seeker at job fairs and unemployment offices and discussing her findings at meetings of the Federal Open Market Committee. Expressing a current concern that the fault lines underlying the financial crisis still exist, Sarah Bloom Raskin provides a refreshing and authoritative look at our economic landscape, the Fed’s potential next moves, and the challenges that the U.S. government and Wall Street will face in the future.

Sarah Bloom Raskin’s remarkable career in the public financial sector has been distinguished by a tireless pursuit of innovative solutions, a focus on protecting the resilience of our country’s critical financial infrastructure and a passionate commitment to enhancing shared economic prosperity. Appointed Fed Governor in 2010 when the country was in the throes of financial crisis and Occupy Wall Street, Raskin’s role in shaping monetary policy and promoting financial stability captured the attention of President Obama. He appointed her Deputy Secretary of the Treasury and she was confirmed by the United States Senate for that role in 2014. Raskin served until 2017, cracking the glass ceiling as No. 2 at Treasury and forging policy and regulatory reform that contributed to our nation’s sustained economic recovery. At Treasury, she was a strong champion of cybersecurity in the financial sector, elevating this critical issue to C-suites and boardrooms. Her national and international efforts, including leading the development and international adoption of the G-7 Fundamental Elements of Cybersecurity for the Financial Sector, enhanced security and resiliency at a time of increasing and more sophisticated cyber attacks. Prior to being Federal Reserve Board Governor, Raskin was Commissioner of Financial Regulation for the State of Maryland, responsible for regulating all state-chartered financial depository institutions, including banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders. Before entering government service, Raskin worked in the private financial sector as Managing Director at global financial services company the Promontory Financial Group and as General Counsel of the WorldWide Retail Exchange and Columbia Energy Services Corporation. Earlier, Raskin served as Banking Counsel for the United States Senate Committee on Banking Housing and Urban Affairs. Sarah Bloom Raskin holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School and a B.A. in economics from Amherst College.

Combining a definitive take on how the highest level of economic policymakers view the world with her own broad experience, Sarah Bloom Raskin is known for tailoring her keynotes to specific areas of audience interest. Her content expertise provides engaging thought leadership on issues ranging from the student loan crisis and the financial contagion posed by the threat of cyberattacks to the personal perspective of a woman leader who made it to the top tier of Washington decision-makers. Read Less ^

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