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Shawnee  Delaney

Shawnee Delaney

Decorated Clandestine Officer & Insider Threat Expert


Intelligence poacher-turned-gamekeeper, Shawnee Delaney is a decorated Intelligence Officer, licensed Private Investigator, and an Insider Threat Expert and Founder of Vaillance Group. She deploys war stories, humor and charm to bring unrivalled insight into the nexus of espionage and the corporate world. Read More >

A certified Case Officer and alumnus of "The Farm", the CIA’s iconic training facility; Shawnee spent nearly a decade with the Defence Intelligence Agency conducting clandestine Human Intelligence (HUMINT) operations all over the world, including four combat zone tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. She will, for the right price, tell you the story of the time Al-Qaeda issued a fatwa against all female intelligence officers and tried to kidnap her. Thereafter, alongside the Department of Homeland Security, she coordinated and managed intelligence community relationships in the protection of U.S. critical infrastructure and industrial control systems.

Shawnee's civilian client back catalogue boasts industries including celebrated bêtes noires Big Pharma and Big Tech. She led the development and implementation of Uber's first ever Insider Threat program, with special focus on their autonomous vehicles program. She also led complex corporate investigations all over the globe targeting fraud, platform abuse, data exfiltration, and attribution of unauthorized disclosures.
At Merck Pharmaceuticals she created and personally delivered a cutting-edge training program to over 5,000 employees as part of their Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets protection program, setting a record for positive employee feedback that, to her knowledge, still stands to this day. There she also created interactive, multidisciplinary training packages for 45,000 employees on Insider Threat, workplace violence and active shooter awareness that had an emphasis - despite the inherently dry nature of some of the material - on engagement, impact, and fun.

Shawnee specializes in Insider Threat program management, Insider Threat vulnerability assessments, media leaks, counterintelligence operations, surveillance/counter-surveillance, cyber technologies/threats, counter-terrorism, HUMINT operations, international policy/government relations,and counter-proliferation. She holds an M.A. in International Policy Studies with a Specialization in Counter-Terrorism and Counter-Proliferation, and a M.S. in Cyber Security.

In 2019 Shawnee founded Vaillance Group, specializing in Insider Threat vulnerability assessments, program development, and training. In the fight against both malicious and unintentional threats, Vaillance leverages Shawnee’s unparalleled knowledge of Insider Threat to protect its clients’ assets, people, and information. Read Less ^

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Why Insider Threats Are Dangerous to Your Organization

Did you know that 17% of all sensitive files at companies are accessible to every employee, according to a 2019 Varonis Data Risk Report; or in a 2021 Code42 report, employees are 85% more likely to leak files today than they were pre-COVID? Insider threats are universal and impact every organization that has humans working for them. That means YOU! In this talk, Insider Threat Expert Shawnee Delaney shares her unique insight into preventing insider risks to your company — whether malicious or unintentional. As a former Defense Intelligence Agency Case Officer running cloak-and-dagger espionage operations around the globe, Delaney has the know-how to teach you how to protect your organization’s data and reputation, including advice on best practices, cybersecurity and cyber hygiene, training and awareness, and how to set up an insider threat program. She weaves real-world case studies and war stories throughout to ensure you know where your vulnerabilities lie and how to mitigate them.

Becoming Unstoppable

Shawnee Delaney has just about seen and done it all. As a decorated intelligence officer sent on solo clandestine operations around the world — including four combat zone tours — founder of her own security company, as well as running global programs for Fortune 500 companies and being a single mom, Delaney has worked with everyone from heads of state to terrorists. She knows how to persevere. And she believes every woman — no matter what profession they’re in — can do the same. In this inspirational talk, Delaney will share her experiences, from recruiting spies to thriving in a male-dominated industry to the critical importance of knowing your own worth. You’ll leave fired up to take on the world and become unstoppable.

Cybersecurity: Espionage & Technology

Is your valuable data increasingly at risk? More than ever, says Shawnee Delaney, an Insider Threat Expert and Founder of Vaillance Group, which specializes in human risk assessments, insider threat program development and specialized training. With humor, case studies and her own “war” stories from conducting clandestine operations around the world — targeting people like you — Delaney shares her best cybersecurity practices, including focusing on the humans that work with you, how to reduce your insider risks/threats and how to protect your data and reputation. You’ll walk away from this talk with an actionable plan for prevention — knowing the threats you face, why you should care and how to best mitigate them.