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Sherri  Snelling

Sherri Snelling

CEO & Founder, The Caregiving Club


Sherri Snelling is a corporate gerontologist, author and founder/CEO of Caregiving Club, a strategic consulting and content creation firm with an expertise in life course aging, caregiver wellness and Alzheimer’s. She is the author of A Cast of Caregivers –Celebrity Stories to Help You Prepare to Care and the upcoming book, Me Time Monday –Weekly Wellness for a Wonderful Life. Sherri is a contributing columnist on caregiving for PBS Next Avenue, Forbes.com, Thrive Global, USA Today and “Aging in America” segments on Newsmax TV. Her innovative employee wellness programs include the Me Time Monday™ and 7 Ways to Caregiver Wellness workshops. She also serves as the Ambassador for the Caregiver Monday public health education campaign and is a co-executive producer for an upcoming PBS caregiving documentary scheduled for fall, 2021 and producer and host of a new HGTV show launching this fall. Read More >

Sherri has participated on boards, task forces and advisory groups for the National Alliance for Caregiving, the White House Middle Class Task Force: The Sandwich Generation, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), National Institute on Aging (NIA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as well as several start-up companies in gerontechnology.

With a master’s degree in gerontology and master’s certification from MIT Sloan School of Management “Shaping the Workplace of the Future,” Sherri is a nationally sought speaker for organizations and employers on a variety of aging and caregiving topics.

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A Cast of Caregivers: Book Trailer

Speech Topics

The Sandwich Generation Juggling Act: How to Balance Children, Careers & Caregiving

More than 24 million Americans are “sandwiched” between caring for two generations: children still at home and older parents. In addition, 7 out of 10 caregivers are also working full or part time. And, more Gen X-age members are becoming Sandwich Generation caregivers than even their baby boomer counterparts.  Read More >

What are the special challenges these caregivers face? How can caregivers manage stress, burn-out and depression which can lead to other health risks? What are the financial impacts of caregiving? Sherri reviews the challenges and provides her “7 Ways to Caregiver Wellness” Plan including the Me Time Monday™ program - on how caregivers can juggle it all. Read Less ^

Caregiving Stress: Mars vs. Venus

Of the 65 million Americans who are caregivers, 66% are women and 34% are men. Since stress is the #1 health issue caregivers face, what is the difference in how women versus men deal with caregiving stress? What are the health risks of long-term stress? Using recent research on gender differences on stress, Sherri provides the stress management solutions to help both men and women in their caregiving roles.

The Caregiving Health & Wealth Risks & Rewards

We are a nation of caregivers – 65 million Americans strong. Yet, the physical, emotional and financial tolls of caregiving are a real risk families face. Sherri reviews the health risks of caregiving – insomnia, depression, poor nutrition and exercise, neglect of personal doctor and dental appointments – and the financial risks such as what you are paying out of pocket and what could bankrupt your future (and what should you know about taxes or getting paid for caregiving?). Sherri will show you where there is help and solutions to shore up your health and wealth when it comes to caregiving.

An Alzheimer’s Nation

More than 5.4 million Americans are currently diagnosed with dementia yet 50% of those with the disease are undiagnosed. It is one of the few diseases that cannot be cured, prevented or slowed. With an ever-growing aging population where 1 of every 2 people over age 85 will have dementia, Alzheimer’s is the disease which will most impact our future and our families. Read More >

Sherri, who was recently honored as the #4 Most Influential Person Online about Alzheimer’s disease by Sharecare, the health expert site created by Dr. Oz, reviews what Alzheimer’s disease is – the early warning signs, the different stages of the disease and what to expect, how to understand sundowning, how to minimize accidents and maximize safety if your loved one wanders, how to best care for a loved one whose memory is fading as they experience what is called “the long good-bye” and how families can plan for a caregiving journey that may last 4-20 years. Read Less ^

The Pursuit of Caregiving Happiness: Me Time Monday

Caregivers have an Achilles heel – neglecting their own health and wellness. Being a good caregiver means balancing self-care while caregiving but how do you do this? What is Me Time and how do you find it? What is the science behind laughter, finding your inner child, seeking nature and just having fun to help you avoid caregiving burn-out and why is Monday important to your success? Sherri takes you to the Caregiving Fun Zone where you will learn how to balance on the caregiving see-saw.

From Child Care to Elder Care: How America’s Workplaces Are Changing

There is a shift happening in the nation’s workplaces from child care support to elder care support. More than 40 million caregivers are juggling work, family life and caring for a loved one – whether an older parent, ill spouse or special needs child. In fact, 15 percent of America’s workforce are also working a second job as caregiver and that number is only going to grow over the next few years. Read More >

What programs and services are available to help working caregivers? Sherri takes employees and employers through caregiving resources that can help keep employees on the job and healthy while helping employers create a caregiving-friendly work environment. Read Less ^

Having the C-A-R-E Conversation℠

One of the most difficult tasks as a caregiver is how to start the conversation with an older loved one about their future care.  Where and how do you begin?  When do you have this conversation?  How do you find out about their future care plans and end-of-life wishes?  How do you start the conversation about driving retirement?  How do you tell your family, kids, friends and boss? And how do you do it so you are empathetic to your loved one and solving the challenges you both face? Sherri will take caregivers through her tips called the C-A-R-E Conversations. 

Caregiving Technology 2.0

There is a wealth of technology products and services available to help caregivers – remote monitoring devices, location management services for loved ones with Alzheimer’s, personal emergency response systems, medication safety gadgets, and apps and tools to help with senior driving, senior isolation and other issues.  What are they?  What do they cost?  Where can you find them?  Sherri will take you on the Tech Tour for Caregivers.