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Steve  McClatchy

Steve McClatchy

Best-Selling Author & Consultant to Leaders

Steve McClatchy

Best-Selling Author & Consultant to Leaders


Steve McClatchy is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and New York Times best-selling author, renowned for his passion, intensity and keen insights into the drivers of success, accomplishment and satisfaction. Steve knows what today’s executives need to lead effectively and deliver on their performance goals while maintaining a high quality of life. He also understands the challenges that executives and their staffs face in today’s intensely competitive business environment.

A recognized authority on leadership, performance, personal growth and work-life issues, Steve has been widely quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Entrepreneur and numerous media outlets.

Steve’s keynotes and presentations are renowned for their ability to change lives. He’s spoken in front of thousands of people at some of the most admired and prestigious companies worldwide. His clients span a broad range of industries and business sectors, ranging from pharmaceuticals and software to sports and entertainment.

Steve’s speeches are not only packed with insight, humor and passion, but they result in measurable improvements in performance and productivity, higher workplace satisfaction and greater employee engagement. His presentations are geared for:

  • C-level executives
  • High-potential managers
  • Directors
  • Managers and their staffs
  • Anyone ready to take performance to the next level and enjoy a more productive life!

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Maintenance vs. Improvement

Performance and Leadership

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Personal Leadership

Your life is a product of your decisions. Your criteria for making decisions are at the very core of your effectiveness. Great decision-making habits lead to success and achievements while poor ones can keep you stressed, frustrated, and out of balance. Understanding the psychology of what drives every decision you make empowers you to make better decisions faster. Just as a business must never stop learning, improving, and innovating to lead in the marketplace, as individuals we are faced with this same challenge.

In this presentation you will learn which decisions accelerate your success, increase your engagement, reduce your stress, prevent burnout and restore the feeling of balance. Steve’s infectious energy and thought-provoking style will inspire you with specific actionable content that you can put into practice immediately.

If you are interested in learning a decision-making system that can help you achieve more, overcome obstacles, and help you face the challenge of succeeding in today’s “global, always on, virtual, work from anywhere” business environment, this is a “don’t miss” presentation.

• Focus on results and the true drivers of performance
• Stay focused, accomplish more and get distracted less working remotely
• Dramatically increase work and life engagement
• End burnout and coach others that are struggling with burnout

Decide: Work Smarter, Reduce Your Stress & Lead by Example

What shapes a leader’s outcomes, career and life? Their decisions. The criteria we all use for making decisions drives our performance – and our effectiveness as leaders. Great decision-making habits yield a lifetime of achievements and success. Poor habits keep us stressed, frustrated and forever out of balance.

• Focus on results and the true drivers of performance
• Regain critical planning and personal time
• Dramatically increase work and life engagement

Leading Relationships: Communicate Effectively, Resolve Conflict & Lead High Performance Relationships

The skills of building trust, communicating effectively, taking risks and resolving conflict can be the most important skills you will ever develop as a leader. In this presentation you will learn the keys to success in each of these areas and how to build relationships strong enough to handle the pressures and tensions inherent in creating, building, leading and sustaining a fast-changing, results-driven organization. If your success is determined by your ability to work successfully through others it’s time to take your relationships to the next level.

• Build faster, more reliable, high performance relationships
• Resolve conflict when it happens so it doesn’t slow you down
• Better communicate, set expectations and drive superior results
• Lead! Don’t Just Manage the Process
• Management and leadership are very different from one another. Both are vital to the success of a team but each yields different results. If you are interested in creating a world-class team that is committed to improvement and embraces change this is a “don’t miss” presentation.