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Tanya  Brown

Tanya Brown

Mental Health & Domestic Violence Prevention Advocate


Tanya Brown is the youngest sister of the late Nicole Brown Simpson. Honoring Nicole’s memory, her family founded The Nicole Brown Foundation, which is dedicated to educating communities on strategies for domestic violence prevention. Brown’s involvement in the Foundation has included speaking and advocating to community groups, service organizations, schools, law enforcement agencies, nonprofits and shelters, providing assistance to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Read More >

Beyond her commitment to preventing domestic violence, Brown has courageously come forward to speak about her own personal struggle with mental illness. She fought to overcome an eating disorder, depression, anxiety, and unresolved grief after enduring the loss of her beloved sister and several close friends. Brown never took the time to process Nicole’s death and grieve properly, devoting her energies instead to help create the Foundation. It was when her fiancé cancelled their wedding four days before the ceremony that an emotional tailspin was triggered, resulting in years of self-destructive behavior. Brown was admitted to a Behavioral Health Department in Laguna Beach, California on October 9, 2004. Acknowledging her breakdown and seeking treatment was the first step towards the healing she so badly needed. Brown knows from personal experience how mental illness affects everyone in a family. She recalls her mother saying helplessly, “Do I have to watch another child die?”

Brown has always been interested in personal development and was motivated to do the work necessary to get her life back on track. She plans to write a book, based on the many notes she kept during her journey back to wellness, in an effort to help others overcome their own personal obstacles.

Brown now shares her story through public speaking. She focuses on the causes, recognition, and effective coping skills necessary to manage stress, depression and anxiety. She encourages audiences to recognize and acknowledge the early signs of trouble in dealing with personal struggles in order to avoid overload and/or a mental health breakdown.

Highly motivated to help communities become aware of the stigma attached to mental illness, Brown is an advocate for the National Alliance of Mental Illness Maryland: NAMI/ MD and is their Honorary Chair for the 2010 Run/Walk event in Baltimore. Brown speaks quarterly to the outpatient program where she was once a patient and has supported the With Hope Foundation to help prevent teen suicide. Recently, she was invited to speak to the civilians, staff and returning military at the Pentagon.

A certified life coach, Brown helps others help themselves by providing tools for heightened mental clarity and awareness. She has appeared on Larry King Live, The Early Show, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, and a variety of local media outlets in North America. Read Less ^

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The Struggle with Mental Health Issues

Speech Topics

Domestic Violence: Where It Starts AND Where It CAN End!

Drawing on her years of experience working with the Nicole Brown Foundation, Tanya Brown understands the complexities of dysfunctional relationships and the many manifestations of domestic abuse. Sharing her sister Nicole’s personal story of abuse, as well as her own story of depression, Brown’s message is one of hope and possibility. This presentation is a must for audiences who want to know firsthand about domestic violence.

Employee Wellness: A Model for Corporate Health Behavior Change

To better serve you and the needs of your employees, Tanya Brown has collaborated with Employee Wellness Coaching (EWC), an innovative health behavior change model sought by progressive corporations that are dedicated to promoting employees to be both effective and fulfilled.

L.I.F.E. Coaching: Living is for Everyone!

You alone have the power to change everything in your life. You can attain all that you have ever wanted and desired in your life. All you have to do is believe in yourself and your ability to change. As your coach, Tanya Brown will help you design a L.I.F.E. plan that will give you the direction you need to live a congruent life, ensuring all areas are in balance.

Mental Health and Well-Being

Tanya Brown emphasizes the importance of acknowledging the self as a whole: mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Our attitudes have a tremendous impact on our health and wellness. It is imperative that each of us learn how to cope, not just deal, with life’s challenges to experience a healthy and balanced life.

When Domestic Violence Comes into the Workplace

Corporate America is beginning to recognize that domestic violence is not just a personal and domesticated issue. They are beginning to understand that most likely there is a victim of domestic violence working for them and that their perpetrators harass and threaten them during work hours. As a result, it affects their bottom line in lost productivity, as well as putting others in danger.

How to Get Out of Your Own Way: A Triumphant & Inspiring Message About the Value of Life

Through the many ups and downs in her life, Tanya Brown has remained a survivor. She shares her personal story of slipping into a dark depression and the self-destruction that followed. Focusing on the causes, recognition techniques, and effective coping skills of stress, depression, and anxiety, Brown encourages her audience to acknowledge their personal struggles in an effort to avoid possible breakdown. Read More >

In this 45-60 minute program, Brown inspires the audience by sharing her own personal story of struggles while taking you through her heartbreaking journey during the time of her sister’s brutal murder. You'll discover the necessary tools for change and survival she learned throughout her hospital stay for depression and how they have become a daily practice for her. Read Less ^

Personal Leadership: Lead Yourself First, Then Others

If you are constantly putting others in front of yourself then you are bound to experience a burnout. You have to take care of yourself and lead yourself first before you can reach out to others. This presentation guide shows you how to get in touch with your value system, set goals, remember your goals, problem solve, identify roadblocks, overcome roadblocks, and resist those things that don’t further your dreams.

Relationship Violence Prevention: What Every Student Must Know

In this 45-minute presentation, Tanya Brown discusses where a violent relationship starts and where it can end. It may not start with a bruise; it may instead begin with emotional trauma. Brown opens up and shares her own personal stories, as well as diary entries from her sister Nicole.

Focusing Too Much on the Economy and Not Your Well-Being

Taking care of yourself during this challenging time is essential! Sadly, the economy is affecting many areas in a person’s life. Not only are people losing their homes, jobs, and family, many are becoming more mentally taxed than ever before. Statistics show that depression, suicide, and domestic violence are on the rise. Furthermore, studies show that more people than ever need assistance to get through it all. There are coping strategies that are proven to work. Tanya Brown is here to help.