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Tierney  Cahill

Tierney Cahill

Award Winning Educator & Congressional Candidate


Tierney Cahill is an award winning educator that inspires audiences around the country with her experience of running for Congress as a sixth grade teacher. She was dared by her students to prove that the average American can run, they believed only millionaires could run, Cahill agreed to prove this wrong. She took on this challenge despite being a single mother of three children and working multiple jobs. Tierney saw this as the perfect opportunity to give students real voice, turn learning into truly an authentic opportunity that was student driven, and allowed for deep learning and engagement. Her journey led her class to win the primary and lead the democratic nomination in Nevada. Read More >

Today Tierney describes herself as a lead-learner, she's the principal at a Title I high poverty, minority majority elementary school in Sparks, Nevada where she is dedicated to erasing the opportunity gap, providing student voice and authentic deeper learning experiences for all children.

Her book, Ms. Cahill for Congress: One Fearless teacher, Her Sixth Grade Class and the Election that Changed their Lives Forever, (Random House, 2008) is being developed into a feature film and has inspired a whole generation of teachers to become politically involved. Tierney leaves audiences inspired, excited and knowing they too can change the trajectory of their students by empowering them. Read Less ^

Speech Topics

Ms. Cahill for Congress: Stepping Up To the Challenge

For many years, Tierney Cahill lived with fear: fear of not making it month to month financially, fear of not having enough time, fear of not having enough for her family, and fear that she could never change her life. As a teacher, she promised her students on a regular basis that they could become anything they dreamed, as long as they took responsibility for their lives. In 2000, while talking to her students about democracy, her students challenged her to run for office and prove to them that any normal person could do it. They forced Cahill to take responsibility for her life, and take steps that would forever change her. Cahill’s goal is to inspire others and break down walls of self doubt, encouraging others to live their destiny and step up to the challenge. By being called upon by her students, Cahill now lives without fear, ready to face any challenge!