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Tim  Donaghy

Tim Donaghy

Former NBA Referee & Recovering Gambling Addict


Tim Donaghy recently launched his speaking career, inspired by his ongoing recovery from a serious gambling addiction that abruptly and permanently ended a very successful 13-year career as an NBA referee. Through speaking and community outreach, Donaghy's goal is to encourage others to learn from his failures. With a combination of insight, sincerity, and enthusiasm, he delivers a message that leaves his listeners a little wiser about personal choices. Read More >

After publishing Personal Foul, Donaghy's story has been featured by over 100 programs, including 60 Minutes, ESPN, and Fox's Your World, as well as on CNN Headline News. Additional media exposure has included The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Philadelphia Daily News, The Chicago Tribune, and Sports Illustrated, plus countless radio appearances and interviews.

While delivering the keynote address at the National Conference on Problem Gambling's annual conference in March 2010, Donaghy captivated his audience with a refreshing look at his painstaking recovery from the ground up.

While Donaghy continues to draw strength from his four daughters, family, friends, and so many people who have reached out to support him, he finds additional and meaningful healing from reaching back into the community to deliver his message on gambling addiction recovery with the hope of preventing even one disaster similar to his own. Read Less ^

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