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Tim  Montgomery

Tim Montgomery

Former Olympian & Motivator

Tim Montgomery

Former Olympian & Motivator


Tim Montgomery knows exactly what it takes to be the fastest man in the world. He also knows the price one pays when achieving such goals illegally. A former Olympian and world record holder in the 100-meter sprint, Montgomery was stripped of his 2002 records after being found guilty of using performance-enhancing drugs. Following this devastation, Montgomery retired from running. He again found himself on the wrong side of the law when he was tried and convicted for his part in a check fraud scheme and for dealing heroin.

Upon his release from a four-year and six-month prison term, Montgomery decided to turn his life experiences into lessons that would inspire and motivate others. As the founder of NUMA (Never Underestimate My Ability), Montgomery focuses on helping athletes build self-confidence and avoid social and professional pitfalls in the face of substance abuse and peer pressure.

Sharing his personal story, from his rise to worldwide fame in track and field to handcuffs and shackles in federal prison, Tim Montgomery offers a riveting message that speaks to a wide range of audiences. From children and adults and to inmates and professionals, his story appeals to all.

Speech Topics

My Personal Success Journey: The Highs & Lows

When do you decide to just give up? Can you really pick yourself up and turn your personal tragedy into a triumph? Tim Montgomery can honorably say he did it and he is back on top! Montgomery went from once being crowned the fastest man in the world to an inmate at Federal Prison. He was a world renowned Olympian with major endorsement deals, like Nike, and was stripped of his title after admitting to taking performance enhancement drugs and then was arrested for fraud and selling heroin. Nevertheless, Montgomery found the strength within. Tim Montgomery has an amazing story to tell about his comeback. Let him motivate your audience by sharing how he overcame what seemed to be the impossible and now he is better than ever before!

The Recipe for Recovery: Anything is Possible

Tim Montgomery is constantly approached with the question, “How did you recover from such ruins?” His response is always the same: “I never underestimated my ability and my purpose to be placed on this planet.” Montgomery will take you on his journey, beginning with his prominent career as a superstar athlete to his disastrous drop to the bottom. He will share the euphoria of being classified as the fastest man in the WORLD and then later, being known as a check fraud and heroin dealer, stripped of his prestigious world title. But like any great story, Montgomery will conclude with the recipe to recovery. He describes to audiences how success is a progression of deliberate steps toward excellence. While he shares his awe-inspiring story, he helps you believe that through faith, forgiving yourself and giving back to others, you can overcome anything.

Always Keep Your Eye on the Prize: You!

In this speech, Tim Montgomery motivates all to understand the significance of discipline, hard work and setting parameters for success. He inspires his audiences by explaining you are the only one in the way of your success. Once people around you see your determination, eventually they have no choice but to support you or get out of your way. However, you must always keep your eye on the prize, which is YOU. As he shares his visions with his audience, no matter what age, the take away is the same: good choices have great consequences and your first choice should be the success of you. It is never too late to make the right choice and to begin your journey to the top!