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Toby  Price

Toby Price

Former Teacher & Elementary Principal

Toby Price

Former Teacher & Elementary Principal


Toby Price is a former teacher and elementary principal. He is a husband, an educator, a writer, a story teller, an artist, and the King of Dad Jokes.

He spends his time advocating for students and kids with special needs and sharing his favorite books online. As @JediPadmaster, on Twitter, Mr. Price loves connecting, learning, and laughing with other educators and parents.

He believes that kids need access to all kinds of books, especially silly books. He is a father of three beautiful kids, two with autism. He has been married to his lovely wife, Leah, for 21 years. He lives with his family in Mississippi.

Speaker Videos

The Almost True Adventures of Tytus the Monkey

Fired for Reading 'I Need a New Butt' and Begins New Life as Author

Speech Topics

No, Ifs, ands or Butts

Toby Price shares his story of how reading one book can really change your life! Toby Price, the principal fired for reading a book shares his experiences navigating his journey as husband, dad and educator while advocating for his love of literacy.

Price shares his experiences as a reluctant reader who became a restaurant manager, first grade teacher, Principal, while raising a family with special needs kids. Now he is a children’s book author and literacy advocate. No, IFs ands or BUTTS is a story of how one educator learned to love silly books and the power these books have in convincing kids to love reading.

Me Because of Three

Toby Price always knew he wanted to be a dad and an educator. He had no idea how much one would influence the other. Raising three kids with special needs is never boring or easy and does not come with an instruction manual. During Me Because of Three, Price shares personal experiences with his kids and how they made a him a different kind of educator.