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Robyn  Benincasa
Robyn Benincasa

World Champion Adventure Racer &Author

A world champion adventure racer, firefighter and founder of World Class Teams, Flashover Seminars and the Project Athena Foundation, Robyn Benincasa accepts full blame for inspiring people to do insane things.

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David  Breashears
David Breashears

Climber, Adventurer, World-Class Filmmaker

David Breashears is an adventurer and filmmaker. He and his team were the first to film with an IMAX camera at the top of the world with Everest: Mountain Without Mercy. 

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Alexandra  Cousteau
Alexandra Cousteau

Environmental Advocate & Water Policy Expert

A globally recognized advocate on water quality and policy, speaker Alexandra Cousteau continues the work of her grandfather Jacques-Yves and father Philippe Cousteau.

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Robert  Ballard
Robert Ballard

Deep-Sea Explorer

One of the world's most accomplished deep-sea explorers, Robert Ballard discovered the RMS Titanic and President Kennedy's PT-109. He is the Explorer-in-Residence for the National Geographic Society.

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Anousheh  Ansari
Anousheh Ansari

First Female Private Space Explorer

Anousheh Ansari is both the first female private space explorer and the first Iranian astronaut. She also co-founded Telecom Technologies and Prodea Systems.

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Peter  Hillary
Peter Hillary

Adventurer / Entrepreneur / Author

Peter Hillary takes audiences "with him" on his adventures: to the summit of Mt. Everest; traversing Antarctica to the South Pole; feeding a pod of sharks; or making a terrifying vertical in a storm on K2.

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Sharon  Wood
Sharon Wood

Inspirational Mountaineer

Speaker Sharon Wood is the first North American woman to summit Mount Everest. She is also the founder of Mountain Gate Community School.

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Dean  Karnazes
Dean Karnazes

Ultramarathon Man

A remarkable athlete and marathon runner, Dean Karnazes is the author of Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner. During his sports career, he has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity.

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