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Ryan  Patel
Ryan Patel

CNN Contributor & Global Business Executive

Patel formerly served as the Vice President of Global Real Estate & Business Development for Pinkberry. He has a unique and diverse view of the changing nature of trends impacting business.

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John  Brandt
John Brandt

Former Editor-in-Chief, IndustryWeek

Corporate speaker John Brandt has spent decades studying leadership in effective, purpose-driven organizations, including IndustryWeek & Chief Executive. 

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Patricia  Panchak
Patricia Panchak

Former Editor-in-Chief, Industry Week

In her commentary and reporting for Industry Week, Former Editor-in-Chief Panchak covers world-class manufacturing industry strategies, best practices and public policy issues that affect business’ competitiveness.

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Adriana  Sanford
Adriana Sanford

Cyber Security Expert & International Whistleblower

Following an abduction, Adriana Sanford advises leading executives, diplomats, and government officials about global threats and corporate exposure. Former Lead Counsel for Latin America of a Fortune 50 company, Sanford reaches 24 million TV viewers.

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