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APB's Jeffrey Tambor Receives Award Nominations Upon Premiere of 'Transparent' Season 2

16 Dec 2015

"It's important that people open their hearts and open their intellects to the revolution that is happening...If someone could watch our show and say, 'Oh, I get it,' or 'Oh, part of me is there,' then our mission is achieved." –Jeffrey Tambor

With reviews such as “the best series around is better than before,” the second season of Transparent starring APB speaker Jeffrey Tambor has become a major part of a cultural discussion about transgender individuals as well as discrimination. Breaking new barriers, Tambor continues to embody his character "Maura" with great dignity and courage. The message of living an authentic life shines through Tambor’s masterful acting, inspiring viewers from all walks of life.

Nominated this year for a SAG Award, a Critic’s Choice Award and a Golden Globe, Tambor understands the responsibility he has gained through his role as "Maura," a part he has loved from the very beginning. In his Emmy acceptance speech last year, he eloquently dedicated the award to the transgender community, acknowledging the disturbing statistics about violent crimes against its members and how everyone must work together to change this.

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Tambor's moving presentation, Performing Your Life, captivates audiences and helps them discover their artists within. His career as a Master Teacher of actors for over 40 years has given him insight into human behavior, allowing him to advise his audience, whatever their endeavors or interests. As Tambor shares examples from his own inspiring journey, he encourages listeners to look beyond their perceived limitations and embrace their authentic self.

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