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APB’s Albert Manero of Limbitless Solutions Continues to Change Lives

30 Jul 2015

APB speaker Albert Manero forever changed the life of 6-year-old Paulo Boa Nova when he recently presented him with a new bionic 3-D printed hand from Limbitless Solutions.

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Albert Manero, the executive director of Limbitless Solutions, said the company “is a group of engineers, innovators and artists who have come together to print 3-D printed bionic arms for children at no cost to families.” After reading about the “Iron Man” themed arm Limbitless Solutions made for another boy Paulo’s age, his family reached out to the company about their son’s needs—Paulo was born with only two fused fingers on his right hand.

With help from United Health and Orlando City, Paulo and his family were flown in to Florida, where Manero and his team gave Paulo a quick tutorial on how to use his new hand. “This can make his life much better. This is the first time he grabs something,” said Paulo’s father. “It’s a dream. My dream and my son’s dream come true.”

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Albert Manero and his team are focused on making a positive impact on both large and small scales. Leveraging their work to blend art and design, they encourage audiences to embrace science and technology as tools to positively impact their community and the world.

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