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APB's Regina Holliday Releases New Book About Love, Loss & Healthcare

07 Jul 2015

In a darkly depicted hospital bed lays a dying man surrounded by apathetic looking doctors, disregarded equipment, and inaccessible medical documents — the scene is jarringly beautiful and represents a common tragedy. This work, entitled “73 cents,” was the first in APB speaker Regina Holliday's paintings, inspired by the negligent care of her husband and in protest for medical policy reform. Most recently, Holliday released a memoir entitled The Writing on the Wall, which takes readers on an odyssey of abuse and empowerment.

The Writing on the Wall focuses on Holliday’s development and evolution into an advocate, examining the adolescent struggles with abuse that helped her to aid her ailing husband. Serving as context for Holliday’s passion for justice and desire to support the disempowered, The Writing on the Wall is a universal source of inspiration. Of her work, Holliday has said, “It’s like a bedtime story. Most of the people that read it said they couldn’t put it down.”

Holliday’s breathtaking murals and patient advocacy work not only raise awareness, but also call on both politicians and healthcare professionals to reform policy and increase accessibility to medical documents. This artistic phenomena Holliday has created provides those in the medical field with the opportunity to advocate by wearing patient stories painted on their medical coats. Holliday’s trailblazing messages of patient empowerment, inclusion and safety pervade all spheres of influence.

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