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APB Healthcare Celebrates Healthcare Quality Week

01 Oct 2015

A New York Times reporter and an accomplished doctor passionate about making healthcare affordable for everyone. A Surgeon General who is working to improve patient health literacy. A young woman, who underwent two lung transplants and is sharing her patient story. An artist from Maryland who is using art to improve patient rights. A decorated Air Force pilot who challenges healthcare standards. A global leader advancing patient-centered care.

In honor of Healthcare Quality week this October 18-24, it is important to acknowledge all activists for their continued work and triumphs to raise healthcare standards for everyone. Although our speakers have different backgrounds, they are all advocating to improve healthcare quality, patient outcomes and healthcare delivery. Celebrate these individuals and their contributions by learning about their journeys:

Elisabeth Rosenthal: A New York Times senior correspondent and accomplished doctor, Rosenthal writes the award-winning series “Paying Till it Hurts.” Drawing from her background, she is advocating to decrease healthcare costs while increasing quality and value.

Richard Carmona: From growing up in a poverty stricken family to becoming a decorated Green Beret, EMT, trauma surgeon, and the 17th U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Carmona discusses the quality measures that are essential to improve health outcomes.

Tiffany Christensen: Born with cystic fibrosis, Christensen is sharing her inspiring patient story. The CEO of Sick Girl Speaks, Inc. is helping to shift the culture of healthcare as she raises her voice in the name of patient empowerment.

Regina Holliday: After losing her husband to a 17-year battle with cancer, Holliday’s medical advocacy manifested artistically. She works with healthcare professionals to improve the patient experience through her personal journey and her custom presentations, including her breathtaking artwork.

John J. Nance: One of America’s most dynamic speakers, Nance is an expert in aviation and an award-winning author of Why Hospitals Should Fly. A founding member of the National Patient Safety Foundation, he presents entertaining and pivotal programs on patient safety and quality.

Susan Frampton: As president of Planetree, Frampton is working with a network of hospitals and continuing care communities around the world, implementing a patient centered model of care. She is on a mission to improve the patient experience for all.

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