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New APB Exclusive Speaker: Kevin Pearce, 2010 Olympic Hopeful, Inspires with Road to Recovery

04 Aug 2016

APB speaker Kevin Pearce is no stranger to trauma. In fact, he knows the worst of it. After a snowboarding accident while training for the 2010 Olympic trials, Pearce suffered a debilitating brain injury, leaving him in a medically induced coma. Though his half-pipe career ended that day, his spirit and motivation to recover has never failed.

Since the accident in 2009, Pearce has endured vigorous rehabilitation programs, surpassing everyone’s expectations and inspiring all who know his story. During his road to recovery, he and his family started the Love Your Brain Foundation, seeking to promote healthy brain lifestyles and to support other victims of traumatic brain injuries.

In his keynote speeches, Kevin Pearce shares his remarkable journey and the valuable life lessons he has learned along the way. Connecting with all types of audiences—from caregivers to the cared-for—he encourages listeners to follow their passions and never give up hope.

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