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APB Speaker Cornell William Brooks Discusses Texas & Week of Violence on 'CBS This Morning'

13 Jul 2016

APB Speaker and NAACP president Cornell William Brooks recently reflected on the shootings happening throughout the country on CBS This Morning. The renowned civil rights advocate and Yale Law graduate continues to educate others regarding the disparities that still plague the U.S.

In light of the multiple shootings that have taken place, Brooks highlights that the mourning for the fallen police officers and the mourning for two black males shot by police is not mutually exclusive. Yet, he makes clear that police misconduct is a form of modern “racialized violence,” which is to be brought to an end “not with hand-wringing but with policy.” Ultimately, Brooks advises to “be hopeful, be confident about our ability to affect change but also be vigilant and be aware that we face a crisis in the country.”

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Through insightful and passionate keynotes, Cornell William Brooks informs audiences on the current racial, economic and health disparities in our society. Bringing both a proud personal heritage and a thought-provoking vision to the podium, he challenges audiences to broaden their perspectives, expand their definition of inclusion and diversity, and work toward eliminating inequality.

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