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APB Speaker Leeza Gibbons Opens Non-Profit Facility for Caregivers

19 Jul 2016

APB speaker Leeza Gibbons inaugurated Leeza’s Care Connection, a facility that provides programs free of charge to caregivers. An Emmy Award-winning talk show host, author, and social entrepreneur, Gibbons inspires many with her uplifting and empowering messages.

Having claimed the title of Celebrity Apprentice in 2015, Gibbons followed through with her pledge to reinvest the $700,000 prize back to her community in Columbia, South Carolina. The investment transformed the Michael J. and Mary Meech Mungo Home into a multi-room facility for caregivers, including the Care Cafe and the Serenity Lounge. Through her speeches, Gibbons shares her personal journey and newfound perspective that resulted from seeing her father struggle with her mother’s Alzheimer's.

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With talks focusing on increasing awareness for caregivers, Leeza Gibbons condenses lessons learned in both her professional and personal lives into compelling, informative keynotes. She encourages all audiences to “live in the moment,” urging us all to “really show up for life” even through difficult times.

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