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Preparing for National Recovery, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Month in September? Let Our Speakers Help Say What’s on Your Mind

22 Mar 2016

While it feels that 2016 has only just started, it’s time to start looking forward to the rest of the year. For example, have you thought about the next big event or conference in your industry? Thankfully, American Program Bureau already has. Today we’re sharing six of our reputable speakers who engage audiences with discussions on recovery, mental health, and substance abuse—perfect for October, National Mental Health Awareness Month.

Ruth Pointer, of the Grammy-winning group The Pointer Sisters, is known for her deep, soulful voice. With candor and grit, Ruth shares stories from her heartfelt memoir, Still So Excited!: My Life as a Pointer Sister, on her experiences with addiction, recovery, and redemption.

David Granirer is a counselor, stand-up comic, speaker, and founder of Stand Up For Mental Health, a program that teaches stand-up comedy to people with mental illness as a way of helping them build confidence, fight public stigma, and heal.

Candy Finnigan is known as “The Face of Recovery,” with 25 years of experience in the recovery business, and personally in recovery for over 27 years, giving powerful speeches to help audiences better understand the world of addiction and how to move forward from crisis.

Todd Crandell is the founder and president of Racing for Recovery, and dedicated to helping substance abusers rechannel destructive behaviors into positive and life-affirming actions, Crandell promotes a lifestyle of fitness and health to his audiences, forming intimate connections and changing lives.

David and Nic Sheff are a father-son pair who share a candid look at addiction and how society addresses and treats such illnesses. Through their story, they help audiences address addiction and discuss the other issues linked to addiction and mental illness that can be solved.

Patrick Kennedy is a former U.S. Representative who struggled with bipolar disorder and addiction, and now aims to eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness. He is a vocal advocate who engages with audiences on various levels.

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