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Post Election: APB speaker Mark Blyth on Global Trumpism

10 Nov 2016

Mark Blyth

“Global Trumpism marks the end of the neoliberal order and the emergence of a new neo-nationalism order.”

APB speaker Mark Blyth, a political economist and author, predicted not only Brexit, but the infamous 2016 election which gave Donald Trump the presidency early Wednesday morning. This idea of “Global Trumpism” is relatively new and was inspired by Blyth’s belief that we are moving into neo-nationalism following the untimely demise of the usual neoliberal order. Blyth explains that Trump is not only an American phenomenon, but a global one. There are many more like him — “Trumpets” — who are blowing louder than ever before.

Due to this shift in power, the stable political party system we have had for the past 60 years is now dissolving. “This is not only politically serious, it's economically toxic,” says Blyth, referring to the demise of a global macroeconomic regime where the entire world will feel the effects of this so-called “Trumpism.” The center left has told the bottom 60% of the income distribution that globalization is great. The center left has told the bottom 30% that they aren’t important when it comes to decision-making. This creates a very patronizing relationship and the center left has sublimed the elites, who are the top 1%. Blyth proved that this notion dismembers democracy and deems it irrelevant.

Instead of mitigating the issues we face globally, Trumpism is a means of undistributed power that will affect the entire world as more Trumpets emerge. In the wake of election day, Mark Blyth had it all figured out. This new era will serve as a juxtaposition for the previous generation of a neoliberal order. Now, Blyth encourages audiences to wake up and be prepared for living with this new way of power.

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